To those wearing weight belts please stop god gave you your own internal weight belt use it, develop it. To those spending 30mins foam rolling and stretching prior to the workout please stop its called a warm-up meaning it should not constitute the bulk of your training session.

To those pretending to eat healthy and blaming their lack of progress on their training please stop putting those morning pop tarts in your mouth.

To those sitting at home on tuesday evenings watching the biggest loser please stop criticizing individuals who are attempting to make a positive change in their life no matter how much drama they may start.

To those individuals who love to pack fifteen forty-five pound plates on to the leg press and show off your 6-inch leg press please stop leaving your fifteen plates on the leg press.

To those who believe one methodology is the only methodology for training please stop talking before I place my fist in your mouth.

To those eating six pounds of red meat everyday and one tomato every week please stop claiming to be a practicing the paleo diet.

To all those who are eating properly, training correctly, and sleeping more than eight hours a day please stop showing off! Haha just kidding people! Keep doing what your doing and let others know how good it makes you feel.