Todays world is one of information overload. Anywhere you turn you can read a thousand different opinions on a single topic all pulling you in opposing directions. Its no mystery why no one in my generation can make a decision about what they want to be, where they want to work, or if they want kids. They are constantly being a fed a steady stream of opposing ideas, values, and beliefs never really solidifying their own or evaluating themselves as individuals. Instead most waste their time sifting through the endless amounts of differing information never to reach a conclusion on what to do. I see this same information overload happen in the fitness industry . Every magazine offers a different opinion on every supplement, training methodology, and diet plan. One promotes HIT another Crossfit. Men's Health says its important to get eight hours of sleep, while Muscle and Fitness says six and half hours is the optimal amount. Some say kettlebells are the only way to train others believe in bodyweight only strength training. The dilemma goes on and on and on. To many people get swept up by this information and spend less time acting upon it and more time evaluating each and every opinion whether it be creditable or not.

My point here is that with so much information being shoved down our throats the last thing anyone needs to worry about is trying to find a training program to use. For most beginners any plan with elicit moderate to awesome benefits in all qualities of fitness. But yet people continue to worry about every small detail in their training. Do I use one hand or two? A reverse-grip or neutral grip? Shoes on or off? Chin tucked or neck packed?

Honestly people it really doesn't matter for the vast majority. What does matter is that you need to spend less time contemplating action and more time actually ACTING! Pick a program and commit to it whether it be one of mine or your local trainer's at the big box gym down the road (for those local to joplin this would also be me =D) . You see the problem for most is not that they don't have to knowledge to succeed, but most lack the confidence to act upon their knowledge. This is my call to all those searching for the perfect program or training methodology STOP SEARCHING! Pick one up try it on for size and act upon it.