1. Although this blog focus on mostly physical wellness and health in light of some recent reading outside of the health and fitness realm I want to share with everyone a reminder that physical wellness is just one-third of complete wellness. Remember that your mental and emotional well-being are as much a part of becoming the healthiest individual you can be. Challenge yourself mentally by exposing yourself to knew concepts and ideas. Evaluate these new concepts and ideas using critical thinking. Protect your emotional health by developing a great support system formed with people who love, nurture, and respect you.







2. It seems everyone has caught on to the idea that iso-lateral loading and single-leg exercises are a must in a well-designed training program. Single-Leg exercises offer a load of benefits and the rationale behind these tye of exercises is that we spend most of real world activity in a unilateral stance i.e. running, jumping, and walking. But what I see rarely in others programming is one-arm variations, such as a one-arm incline press or one-arm overhead press. If you haven't tried out any upper single exercise, you may be missing out!

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4. Devote 10mins before and at least 10mins after each training session to get in some quality time with your foam roller. This will do wonders for your training both in the results you get and the recovery you achieve after each training session. Be sure to make each roll slow and deliberate. Rest longer on the roller at the sensitive areas, perhaps even taking that particularly angry part of your body through its full range of motion while under pressure. If you don't let out some kind of grunt during your foam rolling session apply more pressure over a longer duration. I promise these will be the best 20mins of your day or should I say the worst most beneficial twenty minutes of your day.

5. Take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Fatigue masks fitness. This is incredibly true, yet so few understand. You see training is not an end in itself. Training is a means to an end. Training is suppose to be a tool that allows each individual to live a more fulfilled, enjoyed life. You need to step away from your training every now and again and enjoy the level of fitness you have achieved an maintained. Simply riding your bike, planning a hiking trip, playing catch in the front yard, or even walking the dog every now and again our great simple ways to stay active and thoroughly enjoy the work you have put in at the gym. The hours you spend their should translate into a fuller life and if this is not the case you need to re-evaluate your mentality about exercise and training.

6. PREPARATION IS KEY TO SUCCESS! I cannot say this enough to many people want success and to few are willing to take the necessary preparations to obtain it. Whether this be with their health or their jobs. You must prepare yourself for the opportunities to be successful. You must ready and waiting when they come your way. Simply waking up every morning without any preparation or play is no way to go about achieving a goal. Time and time again you will lose and fall short. Hope everyone's mondays were great and I hope you all have even better tuesdays!