1. Quick reminder to everyone about a great resource if you are searching for quality programming that is coherent and sensible. Checkout the Greatest Workout of the Day. This is a site ufull of quality information, but I think the most helpful resource on the site are the GWOD's. These workouts are written by highly reputable trainers and there is three different programs available to follow, so even though it appears to be programming for the masses there is options for slight customization. I implore you give it a look you will not be disappointed.

2. I stumbled upon this video a few days ago after following a link on my facebook feed. I laughed out loud five or six times.If you are a trainer or have a trainer this is a definite must watch. Check it out.

3. This is a post I enjoyed immensely from Greg Robins, who is a strength coach at Cressey Performance. Coach Robins shares some valuable information and lessons he has learned during his pursuit of competing as a powerlifter. Now I understand that we are all not wanting to become competitive lifters, but the insights he offers are applicable to a lot of individuals.

4. My last recommendation for things to watch and read this week is a post that has little to do with health and fitness, but it might inspire some thought and introspection so I thought why not. In this post Dean Somerset discusses the larger than life Arnold Schwarzenegger and how we should view him as a person and professional.

If you haven't heard either Mr. Schwarzenegger just released his autobiography, Total Recall. I haven't gotten myself, but I hope to once I get through the 5 different books I currently have on my plate.