It's been awhile since I have updated the old blog. I want to apologize to anyone who kept returning to the site hoping to see some fresh content. The last few weeks have been pretty busy between finalizing next semester's schedule, keeping client programs up to date, and attempting to work on producing my own fitness system. But all is quieting down again and with the transition into winter break I am hoping to get out ahead of things devoting most of my time to posting on a more regular schedule as well as working with more clients. To kick things off I thought I would begin with one of the simpler series I have going and direct everyone to some of the great information I have consumed in my latest hiatus from writing. I hope you enjoy the reads and I promise over the next few weeks your visits will be rewarded with some marvelous content updates. 1. The Squat 4x Per Week Experiment by Tony Gentilcore

This was a post I personally had been long awaiting as Tony has teased it earlier in the year. Tony is one of the celeb's so to speak in the strength and conditioning fields and in his latest outside-the-box experiment he played with his programming to allow himself to squat four times in a training week (I know your knees are whining already). But before you start going off about how its so important to keep the CNS under minimal fatigue to produce maximum strength gains and how squatting frequency must be kept to no more than twice a week take a step back and really read through Tony's article. He had some amazing anecdotal thoughts to share and it wouldn't hurt anyone to start questioning the box we seem to limit ourselves in every once in a while.

2. Bigger Smaller Bigger by Nate Green with John Berardi and Martin Rooney

If you have some time to spare each day I recommend taking this read a little at a time. Its an interesting experiment that Nate Green did in which he basically gained a 20lbs of weight in 28 days, then lost all that weight in 5 days (thats right a day), and finally regained the weight in a day. It is a truly remarkable undertaking and a true testament to the amount of power he have over manipulating our bodies into doing whatever we desire. It also gives a little insight into how easy weight can be manipulated. Anyways its pretty amazing I sure got a kick out of it and I figure anyone who is doubting if physical transformation is an actual obtainable thing I highly recommend you take a good look at this experiment.

3. Why Crossfit May Not Be Good For You by Mike Boyle

Okay so its no secret that I am not a huge fan of the Crossfit community. I mean really planned randomization now that is an oxymoron if I have ever heard of one. I am sorry for those out their who really believe in this methodology, but no matter how I try I just can't quite get on board with this enigma. I am even starting to draw some comparison's between Crossfit and HIT Training, but that is for another time. Anyways I saw this post on this week and absolutely was thrilled to hear some of my questions regarding this methodology voiced by whom some consider one of the greatest S&C professionals ever. I definitely think these questions are worth some attention.

4. A Quick Guide to the World of Strength Training by Danny

LMAO! If you read anything on this list do read this one it will definitely brighten your day and lighten your mood.