Well today's finally here the one day of year when it is nationally accepted to gorge yourself beyond recognition and then subsequently spend the day in a stupor while your body tries to figure out a way to digest so much food without exploding. Its a fantastically wonderful day! I mean really who doesn't get excited about a twenty eight pound turkey and a mountain of mash potatoes that make Mt. Everest look like a hill (okay so I exaggerate). Overall its a fun day filled with great food, great family, and some of the best naps you will ever take in your life. But as we all know it is a day to give thanks and justly I figured I used today's post to share some of the wonderful things in my life that I can't say thank you enough for. 1. My Health

Okay so this one may seem a little miss placed in the way of priorities because there are probably five other things that some would consider the thing they are most thankful for; but the more I thought about it the more my rationale kept bringing me back to my health. It is something a lot of us take for granted on a daily basis. How many of you wake up each day and get out of bed, walk downstairs, put the coffee on, and sit reading the paper? It doesn't seem like much just another daily routine, but when you actually consider all the physiological processes that take place to provide you with the proper neuromuscular system function to perform all these tasks it is absolutely mind boggling. There are so many people out their who for reasons outside of their control lack either the mental or physical capacity to do such simple tasks. Without our good health we cannot enjoy even the simplest pleasures in life such as holding a warm cup of coffee while perusing the local paper. Good health is a privilege that none of us should take advantage of. We were given our bodies as a gift and we should take care of this gift as something we never want to lose. It is because of good health that you can enjoy all the friends, families, and food that are coming your way today. I am thankful for my good health and I take steps on a daily basis to insure it continues.

2. Family

Family is the glue that holds my life together. In my eyes it is the most valuable thing in this world that you can call yours. Family is forever. They are the never ending stream of compliments, advice, support, and love that provides the fuel required to get over the obstacles life puts in your way. Family doesn't have to be the old school nuclear family definition it can include aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, dogs, best friends, co-workers, and anyone else in your life who is unwavering in their demonstration of support and care for you. Find these people and hold them close no matter what the current state of the relationship between you  and them is in the present. People that fit such a description are rare and few do not take them for granted. I know I am thankful and won't ever be available to convey the amount of thanks I feel to them, but I make sure no matter what day it is to always remember them to thank them for being part of my life and tell them I love them each time we cross paths.

3. Food

Seems appropriate to put this on my list considering the throw down that is about to  happen between me and a big pile of dead animal flesh. But on a more serious note I thank my lucky stars everyday that I live in a country where food is in an abundance. I mean we might not all agree on what to eat, how its produced, or how it should be cooked or processed, but I think we can all agree that we are thankful to be able to run a mile down the road to the grocery store load up our basket and walk out of the store with a week's worth of meals. This isn't something most people on earth enjoy. Many parts of the world suffer from food shortages. Spending much of their time worrying about where they will find the next meal. Food is a necessity for life, but often times we forget this because of the marketing that has been done to turn it into a luxury in the U.S. Don't take the copious amounts of food you are about to consume for granted enjoy each bite, giving thanks that you have the good fortune to take part in such a feast. I know I will enjoy each serving I help myself to this afternoon while I consciously am giving thanks to the people who went to great lengths to kill, process, and cook each piece of the meal.

Those are my top three things to be thankful. I am sure there are some things that maybe more or less important from day to day, but as I sit and write this morning I find these to be what I am most thankful for. I could have gone on for another fifty or so items on the list, but I know you probably have places to be and food to consume because I sure do! Last thanks for this post: Thank you for those of you who stop by my website on a regular basis and take the time to listen to my thoughts, much appreciated!

Having something your thankful for today? Leave it in a comment below!