Long hours seem to be a common theme in a lot of people's daily lives. I can't even count the number of people I heard tell me that they work fourteen hour plus days. Now I understand that long days are not fun nor enjoyable I have had a few myself. I understand that in some professions long days are the norm, such as nurses, factory workers, and some skilled laborers. I highly respect individuals who willing choose a profession that demands such requirements from them on a weekly and daily basis.

But I have begun to see a mistake being made by many people that I think is important to point out.


You see I constantly get people telling me how tired they are because they had a 12 hour day. But seriously who doesn't have twelve hour days? If you only sleep an average of 6-8 hours a day then that means you are awake doing something or other for the other 16-18 hours each day. Now some people spend more of this time awake at work than others I do recognize this, but ask yourself something is your job really that demanding.

Are you really busting your hump for 12-14 hours straight doing mentally and physically draining work?

I know I don't. I usually have a 16-18 hour day where I am actually awake. But most of that time is filled with going to school and training clients. I mean don't get me wrong some days are worse than others, but my long days are nothing to brag about. I get to go to school. I get to tell people what to do for hours at a time and get paid for it.

Yes its long day. But was it really a HARD day?

I think we could all do ourselves a favor and step away from our subjective view of reality for a second and really evaluate our situation.

Are you really working 12-14 hour days because you have to or are you doing it because you like being able to brag about it?

Are you effectively managing your time?

Is your time at work spent busting your hump or do you drag your feet which results in wasted time?

How much do you really get done in all those long hours? Could you get it done sooner?

Stop patting yourself on the back for putting 12-14 hours a day in at work! Pat yourself on the back for accomplishing goals and being productive.