I hope everyone had an awesome christmas. I hope it was filled with lots of family, friends, drinks, laughs, presents, and some delicious food. Kelsey and me had quite the vacation. We both have divorced families which meant four separate christmas celebrations, one of which was in Kansas City, MO. They were all a lot of fun! I got some great gifts and ate some awesome food. I got a lift in every day except christmas. I used a kind of a mix and match system to put together training sessions because the gym I used in Kansas City didn't have the same plethora of free weight equipment I am accustomed to. All in all they were productive and served a purpose.

I ate like a pig this weekend. I ate everything from chocolate covered pretzels to lasagna. I enjoyed every last bite. I hope you all did the same as well. Christmas only comes around every 365 days a year and if you can't enjoy some of the great food that comes with it I am deeply saddened for you. One tool I did use that I picked up from Dr. John Berardi was I did my training first thing in the morning only taking 10 BCAA's prior. Then I drank a 30-40g protein shake following the training session. This allowed me to opt out of  eating a traditional whole food breakfast. The idea behind it is that by not consuming the number of calories you would first thing in the morning you are holding some over for those christmas lunches and dinners which tend to always turn into a feast.

I know for most that today means getting back to work and normalcy, but because I didn't get the chance to post anything over the past two days I wanted to take the time now to wish everyone a belated MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Below is a clip from one of my favorite christmas movies. If you haven't watched stop what you are doing and go watch it right now.