Over the past few days I had the privilege of spending time with a lot of family. It's a special occasion any time you can get multiple generations of a family in the same room at the same time. It's like looking at a living timeline, showing the many stages of life that we will all experience. It was during one of these occasions this past week when I had an epiphany, if you will. As I sat and watched dads interact with sons, grandsons interact with grandfathers, and brothers interact with brothers; I couldn't help but think about how wonderful it is to be alive. How beautiful a thing it is to watch others grow, change, and diversify throughout their life. It's something I take for granted on a daily basis. I kept thinking to myself I want to continue to enjoy these occasions. I want to watch my dad become a grandfather. I want to watch my future kids become parents. I want to live long and I want to live well.

Watching grandparents during these get togethers I couldn't help but notice the effect of aging. It is amazing to think that someone who once played basketball, baseball, or any other sport at a high level during their life time will at some point find navigating the stairs a difficult task. Growing old is a part of life. We cannot avoid it. It isn't anything to fear, but it is something to be aware of. Awareness allows us to be proactive.

It was after these observations that I finally realized that the true reason we train is to slow down the aging process and to prolong our good health throughout our lives so that we might enjoy our lives longer

It doesn't matter if you crossfit, powerlift, olympic lift, perform circuits, do mobility drills, or run. I mean don't get me wrong everyone has their preferred methodology or modality. Each coach thinks they have the best method. But all that is secondary. Everyone needs to do something active. We were made to move! Sitting is hazardous to our livelihood. Training keeps us strong, fit, and healthy. Training is what will allow us to live longer with better health. It will let us enjoy our family longer. It will allow us to get up and down stairs with safety and confidence. It will allow us to pick up our children without throwing our backs out.

Sure everyone has their own personal motivations. Some want to look better. Some want to feel better. Others want to perform better. I don't care what motivates you to train or if that motivation stays consistent. What matters is that you do train. Training is going to be your own personal fountain of youth. Use it often. Preserve your health. Improve your well-being. Enjoy those you love and the things you love to do longer. Training is the means an improved health and longevity is the end.