Well that was a close one, but thank god we are all still here and I can continue to spew my idiocy through this blog. I know that must have been everyone's chief concern about the world ending. But seriously I was glad to wake up today and see that the shit hadn't hit the fan. Half of me had expected to wake up and see volcanoes erupting in front of the apartment. But maybe I shouldn't speak to soon as the day is still young and you never really can be to sure about anything.

Any who this past week has been pure joy. It was the first full week with a break from school. I got to catch up on a ton of reading, add two new pages to the website (check them out here and here), sleep in a few extra hours, and even play a little call of duty black ops II. Okay it was more than a little, but don't judge me.

Best part of all this was all the reading I was able to do. It's given me a ton of new ideas for future blog posts. It's also given me a ton of great material to share with everyone. So without further ado here are this week's things to read.

Warm-Up by Mike Robertson

Let me just begin with WOW! This is probably one of the most kick-ass articles you could ever read. It has so much great information packed into it you will definitely come away from it with a few new things to try out the next time you train. In addition Mr. Robertson does a great job of explaining why it is so important to warm-up properly. I have explained this before in a blog post, but I don't blame you for not listening to me if it didn't convince you. Mike Robertson though is one of the most intelligent men in the performance industry right now and he is definitely way smarter than I am so I highly recommend you listening to what he has to say you will not regret it.

Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better: Installment 27 by Greg Robbins and Eric Cressey

I have recommended this series of blog posts before, but I can't help recommending it again. Greg Robbins does an awesome job discussing the finer points of squatting with neutral start position, how to get out of extension prior to bridging exercises, how to make water more exciting, and remind us that we should not oversimplify or over complicate anything.

Tibialis Posterior: The Most Important Muscle You Didn't Know You Had by Dean Somerset

If you like to nerd out every once in a while as I do quite frequently then I highly recommend checking out this article focusing on a very important muscle that has many consequences on ankle health. Dean somerset goes into to great detail discussing anatomy, physiology, and issues that can arise in this muscle. Trust me you won't every take your Tibialis Posterior for granted anymore. Plus you can sound smart at the gym later when you share all the new information you have garnered from the read. Its a win, win.