Time for another look into the research. The reason I choose this study was because I found it amusing. It really doesn't offer any groundbreaking information that is going to change the way we approach programming or training, but it will make you think twice the next time you see an commercial for some gimmick promising you the answer to your dream body. We all have heard the jokes referencing those late night infomercials that advertise the next greatest thing since slice bread, but what is not funny is that countless individuals end up purchasing these products in hopes that this product might just be the answer to the problem. Lately, some very observant entrepreneurs realized that many individuals are searching for any easy and convient way to achieve fitness. They have begun to prey on these individuals insecurities and desires. One such terrible product that has gained quite a bit of popularity due to the odd and slightly promiscuous movement the product is instructed to be used to perform, the Shake weight. This is an example of the disgusting behavior of others that wish to get rich off of other people's insecurities and capitalize on their ignorance. The manufacturer claims that the exercise modality increase muscle activity by more than 300% compared to traditional weights, thus making it more effective at "increasing muscle tone" (whatever the hell that means).

In this week's study researchers wanted to test the validity of the shake weight claims, titling their study Comparison of the Shake Weight modality exercises when compared to traditional dumbbells.

The researchers used surface EMG activity of the pecs, triceps, biceps, front deltoid, trapezius, and rectus abdominus during the chest shake, biceps shake, and triceps shake exercises. They performed these exercises and performed same measurements using both the shake weight and traditional weights (dumbbells).

They recruited 25 subjects, 12 mena and 13 women, who had no previous experience with the shake weight modality, nor had they been participating in a training program. They used 5lb weights for males and 2.5lb weights for females.

Researchers reported that for the biceps muscle during the chest shake exercise had significantly greater EMG activity with traditional weights over the shake weight. This however was the only statistically significant different measurement between either modalities.

As a side note the Researchers also concluded that the exercises did not lead to muscle activity great enough to increase muscular strength or size.


This study shows that this product is another piece of shit gimmick. It illustrates a point that goes beyond the shake weight. Becoming fit and healthy is not easy and anyone promising you that it is, especially followed by a pitch about how their product will help you along the way, is so full of shit you should be surprised they do not smell it themselves.

Ignore the gimmicks. Focus on moving more, eating whole food that does not come out of a box or bag. Drink water, coffee, and tea on occasion. Eat protein at every meal. And go to bed before any of those bullshit infomercials begin to air.