Here is a video that has been circulating around the health and fitness community lately. I received the link in an email on monday. It is 12 minutes in length and definitely worth the time spent watching. The man speaking is named Jonathan Bailor. He has a book being published by Harper Collins in 2014 called The Calorie Myth. In addition he is launching a non-for-profit organization and initiative called Slim is Simple. Nothing he says in the video is earth shattering or profound, especially if you have had the chance to read things such as the paleo solution or wheat belly. But his overall message is awesome. Simplicity reigns king. And in the world of health and well-being I feel we have vastly over complicated getting stronger and healthier focusing to much on the minutia and not enough on the simple basics.

Now I am sure there are those out there who will watch this video with the intent to nit pick and if that is you so be it, but we can all nit pick anything. Negativity is poisonous it does no good to no one. I feel it is more important to look at the positive. The positive of sharing this video is raising awareness. The positive on Mr. Bailors concept here is stop over complicating what is a basic and simple process. The positive is the more health oriented initiatives that exist the better. It means more people can be helped.

In my own side note I would like to say something that I firmly agree with  that Mr. Bailor discusses in the video. Calorie counting is not the answer. I wrote about this a while back, but the calorie is a calorie is a calorie is an inaccurate model that does not correctly represent human metabolism. Each macronutrient and micronutrient not only inputs energy, but also has a thermic effect itself in addition to creating a specific hormonal response. The last two characteristics being the most important factors of each nutrient because these two factors play the biggest role in affecting your body's ability to process and use the energy being inputed. It is not simply calories in and calories out.

Anyhow Jonathan Bailor I think and his colleagues are actively battling the health crisis occurring in our country and I commend them for that. In addition they are doing it with researched advice and knowledge that can be easily understood and translated. I will definitely be picking up his book when it releases. Please take the time to watch the video.

And if you want to know more about Mr. Bailor or the Slim is Simple initiative click here and here.