It's time for another grouping of epic reads for this week. On the dockett are some extra juicy pieces that I think everyone will really enjoy. Updates on me . . .

1. I am currently working on putting together a free ebook to put on the website in return for some emails. Thats right folks I want to fill your inbox with large amounts of information that will help you further your health and fitness goals. But don't worry I will be sure to make an announcement once I get it finalized, the pop-up embedded into the website.

2. I am currently reaching out looking for online coaching clients so if you are in need of help optimizing your program toward specific goals I would be happy to help you. Or if you know some one who could benefit from working with a trainer refer them over to this here site. Thanks a million!

3. In the middle of reading Predator Nation by Charles Ferguson. I can honestly say it is a great read. I really enjoyed Mr. Ferguson's documentary the Inside Job (for those who haven't seen it I recommend it highly). This book does an amazing job looking deeply into the inside happenings on Wall Street during and before the 2008 financial crisis some of which is astonishing to say the least.

4. I am still working towards a goal pulling 500 lbs from the floor to just below my waist (deadlift that is). I made an a PR on December 31st of 2012 at 445 that felt really good.

5. I am seriously considering competing in olympic lifting although I have a long way to go before I even think about an actual competition I have really enjoyed working on the lifts more in the past few months. I PR'd a snatch at 195lbs and a clean and jerk of 225lbs but am continuing to improve.

6. Got a molecular biology test friday and an organic chemistry test thursday of this week. So I need to be getting back to studying.

So without further self-centered topics I present to you this weeks stuff to read.

1. A Logical Argument Against the Tracy Anderson Method by Dean Somerset

This was literally the best blog post to date in 2013. If you haven't heard of tracy anderson I highly recommend googling her name before reading this you will get more out of it. Now I know that is not saying much considering it is the 11th of February, but I truly believe this one might take the cake at the end of the year. Anyways this was a fantastic, well-thought out piece written by Dean Somerset, who is extremely intelligent and gifted, in which he combats some of the most ignorant statements ever made by Ms. Anderson about human physiology. This post had 1300 shares in a matter of two days. The reason for the popularity I believe was because of the way Dean approaches the issue rather than spewing hate he condemns Ms. Anderson will logic and reason. I highly recommend taking the time to stop and read.

2. Strength Training Technique: Fine-Tuning the Band Pullapart by Eric Cressey

I use the band pull apart with a lot of my clients. Most of my clients are women and typically they present with protracted shoulder blades, a very kyphotic thoracic spine all manifesting into a slumped shoulder posture. This exercise helps to strength the upper back muscles as well as teach good posture and proper shoulder and scapula mechanics. But as with many things it can be done incorrectly. So it is important to observe and watch the individual performing the exercise. Mr. Cressey is an incredibly smart individual and knows more about functional anatomy and exercise technique then I could ever hope to. In this video he does a wonderful job explaining improper vs. proper technique of the exercise. Not really a read, but pictures are worth a thousand words.

3. How Much Lean Body Mass Do Bodybuilders Lose Preparing for a Competition by Chris Beardsley

Okay and finally for all the other nerds out there here is a great review of a recently published study. Chris Beardsley is incredible at breaking down and research and making it understandable for those of us less research inclined. I love getting Beardsley and Contreras monthly research review service. It is packed full of great information and literature to help you rationalize your training methods and ideas. Research is important and having people who break it down into easier digestible form is even more important. Do yourself a favor and read this post as well as sign up for the review service.

Please let me know what you thought about the recommended reading.

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