Here in JOMO we got our first real winter weather of the season. It mainly consisted of a a lot of sleet and ice, not ideal for sledding conditions. But what it did mean is no school and the gym closed early meaning I have had and will have the entire day to do whatever I please. I started with a morning lifting session consisting of Front Squats, speed deadlifts, some work on the good ole snatch technique, and a 8 minute finisher. The rest of my day I am dedicating to reading, playing Call of Duty, and hanging out with Kelsey and the dog. Since I know some reading this post probably are in the same situation I am in I thought I would go ahead and pass along some of my favorite reads from the week. Here we go! Take Your Deadlift From Suck to Sick by Tony Gentilcore

It's fair to say that anything with Deadlift in the title is going to be a great read, but what makes this particular article even better is that it is not only informative, but beneficial. I myself walked away with two real great take-aways. If you are struggling with your deadlift whether it be technique, execution, starting position, plateaus in strength gains, or just don't know where to begin definitely give this piece a good couple of passes.

Working Out When You Just Don't Want To by Dead Somerset

Here is a blog post from Dean Somerset that I just read today that talks about something we all fight with from time to time, MOTIVATION. Don't get me wrong training is fun and a blast, but working at a gym and lifting at the same gym can some times lead to a bit of gym overload. For me motivation is a key indicator of where I am recovery wise. If I am feeling lack luster about training for more than a couple days its usually because I have not giving myself enough time to recover. Or I am growing bored with my current training progress. What has helped me recently become re-energized about lifting is picking up the olympic lifts and working on becoming more proficient with them. I have begun working in time to work on technique as well as time to train the lifts. In addition I have spent about 150 dollars on books and dvds to from guys like Greg Everett and Wil Fleming to help both increase my knowledge and ability to coach them as well as supplement my experience learning how to do them while playing sports. I really think this is a must read for anyone who plans to make the gym part of their life for a long time to come because at some point motivation will drop and you will need to devise ways to help restore that motivation.

Limit Protein to 20g per Meal? by Dr. John Berardi

This is an older post on the PN site regarding protein intake and quantity, but I have been asked twice in the past week about this particular topic in light of some recently published literature. I referred both individuals to this particular post because I think it does an excellent job of explaining the issue. In addition Dr. Berardi is way smarter than me. If you are feeling confused about recommendations regarding protein intake and quantity during feedings I believe this will help give you great clarity on the topic.