A lot of the time we fitness professionals focus on telling you what you should be doing and what is going to be most beneficial to you. Which is great and shows that we have the best intentions at heart for our clients, that being to see you succeed at your goals in the safest and most efficient manner possible. But while it is important to take care of the " "you shoulds" and the "you need tos", it is also just as important to incorporate some of the "I want tos" into your training.

Sorry if that last sentences seems fussy, but give me a couple paragraphs to explain.

What I am referring to when I say the "you shoulds" and the "you need tos" are the things we as trainers tell you to do, such as "you need to focus on compound movements" or "you should be doing HIIT instead of steady-state cardio."

Now don't get me wrong these are important statements and advice that should be followed if told to you by your trainer. But my caveat is that in addition to these shoulds and need tos one should always incorporate some "I want tos" into your training.

I started looking at this concept closely about two months ago when I was suffering through a spell of lack of motivation to train. I just couldn't get myself psyched up like usual to go into the gym and lift. I mean don't get me wrong I still got in and performed a productive training session, but I just didn't have the same "Lets Do This" attitude.

I kept searching for the answer to this problem and I kept coming back to the fact that, although I loved to deadlift, there wasn't much else about my training I was truly excited about.

I was basing all my training upon the should dos, which was great because I was progressing, but I started to realize that my progress would halt if I ended up killing my motivation to train.

So I decided to start incorporating things that I really enjoy into my existing program. Specifically, I started to rotate in work with the Olympic lifts. Sense doing this my motivation has dramatically turned around. I have a new skill to work on and something to look forward to each week of training in addition to my normal dose of heavy pulling.

After this experience I firmly believe that adding in something to look forward to in your training week can not only re-energize your motivation to train, but can also dramatically accelerate your progress.

I could not recommend this strategy more highly. If you like to do curls and tricep extensions and you just finished doing a total body workout consisting of compound movements then go ahead and get you some muscle beach going! Balance out the "you shoulds" and the "you need tos" with some "I want tos".

Enjoyment is key to remaining motivated and driven!