Another week is in the books for 2013! Woo Hoo! I hope yours was full of fun and productive times. For me the past week was a much welcomed break from all things school, SPRING BREAK!!! I didn't get the opportunity this year to travel any where or spend anytime on the beach, but I did enjoy some R&R which took the form of some great training sessions, reading, writing, playing COD, and working with my awesome trainees. Now while the only thing that could have made my reading experiences this week more enjoyable would have been a cool breeze, sand, lots of sun and an air temperature of about 82 degrees I got to make my way through some great reads I had back logged in my inbox.

***Just a little side note, if your someone who loves to read, but yet often doesn't have time to read an article when you come upon it I highly recommend creating two different folders on your computer: one entitled things to read and the other things I have read. This way any really great article you come across can be easily saved and stored away for some light evening reading. This is how I do it and has worked incredibly well for me in addition to saving me tons of time browsing through the google search results trying to find a particular article or blog post.

And since information is only useful if it is shared and read I want to pass along three of the useful pieces I read this week. Now bare in mind some are older than this week, but are still beneficial and useful.

1. Bench Press Technique: Why the Hand-Off is Kind of a Big Deal by Tony Gentilcore

Everyone loves to bench press, right? Well not Tony Gentilcore, but most of us, especially those of us in the male gender, can't think of a better thing to do on a monday afternoon/evening. I mean what is more exhilarating than pressing a large amount of weight off of your chest? Well some might not see the allure, but the Bench Press has a certain appeal to most. But what is commonly overlooked about the Bench Press is that there is more to the lift then simply grabbing a bar and pressing up and down. There is certain subtle nuances to it's technique that most overlook. This is an article and video detailing one of these nuances, the lift-off.

2. How do the strength characteristics of sprinters, Olympic lifters and powerlifters differ? by Chris Beardsley

This post is a bet nerdy and has a research background, but for those of you who don't mind a little science it is a great read. It discusses a study comparing the strength of O-lifters, powerlifters, and sprinters. The conclusion involving O-lifters and sprinters raises my eyebrows. I highly recommend reading the study as well.

3. Hacking the Deep Squat by Dean Somerset

This is one informative post regarding how to improve one's ability to squat deeper and as a bonus it was published on Arnold Schwarzenegger's fitness website. I was just talking with a client a few days ago regarding her squat depth and how it can be improved with adequate mobility work and practice squatting to depth. Mr. Somerset offers so great insights into the problem of limited ROM in the squat. There is not very many people that I believe could have more knowledge and information regarding the topic of movement dysfunctions and how to fix them.