Hope everyone's weekend was great. Mine was uneventful, but I got two great training sessions in myself on saturday and sunday. I had the opportunity to work with some of my clients saturday morning. The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the last couple days of spring break and catching up on some of the household chores. But now monday begins! A chance to take on the week with vigor, enthusiasm, and gusto! Or for me it simply means back to studying I go. Either way you look at it the start of a new week symbolizes opportunities for productivity and progress. And to get the week started right I thought I'd share some of the more notable pieces I had the chance to read over the weekend.

1. The Weight on the Barbell is Important - Not the Scale by Nia Shanks

I think this one of the best redirects I have ever heard. It's not a secret that most women pay close attention to their body weight on a daily basis. At times this may be beneficial, but in the long run the scale is not your friend and it will always lie to you and disappoint you. Nia Shanks does a great job in this piece addressing why the weight you lift is much more important than the number displayed on the scale.

2. Ankle Mobility Exercises to Improve Dorsiflexion by Mike Reinold

If you haven't heard it before than your going to hear it now: mobility before stability, stability before load. Mobility or the ability to move is the single most important thing in keeping yourself healthy, making yourself stronger, and preventing injuries. If you can spend a few minutes a day working on your ability to move nothing else will give you a greater return on the time you invested. Because so many of us sit for many hours a day, wear less than adequate footwear, and engage in a small amount of movements each day mobility can become a huge issue. Lack of dorsiflexion is one of these mobility issues and it can have implications further up the kinetic chain, such as inadequate hip mobility and lumbar stability. Mr. Reinold demonstrates in this informative post several strategies for improving dorsiflexion.

3. Are You too Busy to Get Better by Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle is about as close to a legend in the strength and conditioning field as you can get. He has been a coach working with athletes and general population clients to become fitter for over two decades. This was a piece he wrote that was posted on Alwyn Cosgrove's website. It addresses a concept that we could all benefit from, that being we all need to step away for a while and take time to improve ourselves.