I haven't ever written one of these, but I felt like I would give it a try today so without further stalling here we go . . . . 1. I truly believe that the one thing the health and fitness industry has succeed at in the last ten years is vastly over complicate the path to health and well-being. I mean it is great to have options and it is even more fun to spend an hour discussing the best method for increasing someone's overall lower body strength, but what we have created is this giant cloud of differing opinion and contradictory information in which no one in the general population can find a straight answer about how to become healthier. But I have noticed a huge trend in the past two years in which a number of fitness professionals are leading a revival in the industry by championing simplicity and consistency in nutrition and training as the road to good health which is awesome.

2. About 3 months ago I read a book by Charles Duhigg called The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business. In the book Charles Duhigg discusses the power that habits carry in our lives and how underlying these habits are very specific powerful processes, some social and others biological, that shape our habits. One section of the book looks specifically at the importance of community and group behavior in the solidification of habits and beliefs. Duhigg uses the Civil Rights movement as an example as well as a very successful church. Recently I have been trying to figure out why Crossfit has become so successful and why it is able to pull people in so deep and with such commitment compared with the rest of the fitness community and the answer I believe lies in Charles Duhigg's analysis of group behavior and habit development. I am working on a blog post discussing this topic I think it will be EPIC

3. Becoming stronger is the number one way to start on the path to enhancing your quality of life. The goal of lifting weights it to become stronger and to lift more weights two months from now. Do not forget this. It is called strength training for a reason.

4. Behavior is everything. The will to change your most harmful and negative behaviors is going to be the number one most difficult things to master. You know what to do and not to do. The tough part is making yourself care enough to do these things and not do the others.

5. Stick to the plan. Don't let initial results determine the success and failure of your program. You are in this race for the long haul. Evaluate your return in the long term. Give your plan enough time to take effect and yield it's result.

6. I am beginning to train clients online using a great new software that will allow you to track your workouts and progress online via your mobile device and on the website. I will be able to provide your customized training program with exercise demonstration videos to boot. I will be able to monitor your program and constantly progress and regress you as needed all for an affordable monthly or one time price. If you are interested in hiring me as your online personal trainer contact me at sfreeborn7@gmail.com or drop a comment below.

7. I need to start writing a weekly random thoughts blog.

8. Incorporating unilateral upper body exercises in your program is a must do. It will bring out any asymmetries you posses and it will give you a great indirect core stability challenge.

9. I recently finished a book I was reading written by Charles Ferguson, the director of the documentary Inside Job, called Predator Nation. The book details the inner workings of the 2008 financial crisis. Chronicling the rise and fall of the U.S. economy and the terrible housing bubble. All I can say is that our financial system during these years was surprisingly corrupt and dysfunctional. If you have ever wondered the how, why, and who regarding the 2008 fiasco this book is a must read to answer those questions.





Well those are my random thoughts for this week hope you enjoyed them. I am going to try and make this a weekly post series. Have a great wednesday as I know I will!



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