It's FRIDAY!!! Woo hoo! We have successfully navigated our way through another week. My weekend plans involve hanging out with family for easter weekend and enjoying some delicious food. I also plan to take some time on saturday and sunday to fit in a training session. Not a crazy weekend, but it will be fun and relaxing. If you have any big weekend plans feel free to share below. Otherwise I want to share some thoughts I have been ruminating on for the past week. I think you'll get a kick out of a few.

1. The book I most recently finished reading was The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Now I know it is completely unrelated to training, but I love to read books about other things then training because I often find that they offer awesome insights that I find give me a new perspective on training. This book was one such occurrence. Dave Ramsey writes in this book that his pastor often says, "living right is not complicated, it may be difficult, but it is not complicated."

I really enjoyed this insight because I believe it applies to getting healthier. Living a healthier lifestyle is not complicated, actually it is pretty simple, but it is often very difficult.

2. Crossfit has taken the health and fitness world by storm. It has quickly became THE most popular fitness trend in recent years, probably pretty close to the HIT hysteria during the 70's. But what I find to be the most amusing about this trend is the ignorance of so many people who seem to believe that olympic lifting, circuit training, metabolic conditioning, gymnastic, or any combination of these is something new and ground breaking. Really the only new thing Crossfit has added to the health and fitness industry is the addition of competition and racing to the weight room, which I am not even really sure if constant competition in the weight room is a beneficial addition.

Anyhow I know it is no secret that I am not much of an advocate for Crossfit, but I do not mean to bash it. I simply wish to show that Crossfit has not developed some new and extraordinary way to train, but rather it has simply successfully branded certain methods of training and added a certification to legitimize the methodology. To do this I wanted to share a couple examples. The first example I wanted to share is the story that has been told by the great Dan John many times about John Powell and his observation of the training of Sergey Litvinov. According to Powell, Litvinov performed the following training session:

Eight reps of Front Squats at 405 pounds followed by a 75sec 400m sprint.

Now read that again and let that sink in because what he did was insanely difficult. John Powell observed this training in 1983. Which would pre-date Greg Glassman's first Crossfit gym which opened in 1995 in Santa Cruz, California. Funny though combining running and olympic weightlifting sure does sound like some of the Crossfit WOD's I have seen before, yet here is a training session pre-dating the Crossfit methodology.

Another example is the idea of metabolic conditioning. Crossfit calls their metabolic conditioning WOD's metacon's. But yet the first appearance of the concept Metabolic Conditioning came in the 1970's when Arthur Jones published an article in the Athletic Journal Magazine discussing this new concept. Again this concepts pre-dates Crossfit. It is not new it has just been rebranded and sold to people in a different package.

Again my intention is not to offend but simply presents the facts so that people will begin to see that Crossfit does not own a monopoly on mix modality training or metabolic conditioning, it has just simply repackaged them into a marketable product. And yet I have never once heard any Crossfitter acknowledge that perhaps their style of training has simply evolved from other's ideas and training methods

3. I recently finished the book Intervention by Dan John and really enjoyed reading it. Dan John seems to hit the head on the nail with everything he writes. He approaches training, life, and nutrition with simplicity and clarity. I highly recommend picking up a copy.

4. I truly believe that the landscape of the health and fitness industry is changing. Everything from training protocols for fat-loss to business models is being revolutionized by a wave of trainers and health professionals who are well-read, well-trained, and care whole lot about the people they work with. One of the predictions I am making about this changing landscape is that we are going to see a huge shift away from large, commercial gyms using the "rent our equipment for 30 dollars a month" model and towards a small, training-based gyms that work in semi-private groups.

5. Bacon is still one of the most delicious foods on the planet that has an extremely bad nutritional rap among the general public.

6. A good training program and a healthy diet are the two best investments towards your health. They will give you the greatest return for the most minimal amount of time and money invested.

7. It's friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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