Welcome back hope everyone's weekend was awesome. Mine was good, it was spent traveling to visit family for the second weekend in a row. Me and the mrs. took a trip to see family in Kansas City. We left friday evening after finishing up training with a clients. I typically try to fit in a GPP type of training session on saturdays, so saturday morning I decided to take a walk on down to the park near where we were staying and through down a quick body-weight metabolic circuit, which consisted of 15 bodyweight squats, 10 push-ups, and 5 pull-ups repeated for as many rounds as possible in 20min. The awesome part about this workout was that it was done outside in a park and the whole time I was training I got to watch a baseball practice on a near-by field.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating some awesome food, spending time with family, and reading some in between sessions of Call of Duty.

Now on to the good stuff.

1. Hip Thrust & Glute Science by Bret Contreras

If you in pursuit of a big, rounder, and firmer bootie, Bret Contreras is the man to see. He has literally pioneered the science of glute building. Even going so far as to develop his own exercise called the Hip Thrust. Chances are you have seen someone in your gym performing this exercise and the reason is because of Mr. Contreras. In this post he lays out reasons for the Hip Thrust being a superior glute developer exercise.

2. Exercise You Should Be Doing: Seated KB Curl to Bottom-Up Overhead Press by Tony Gentilcore

Need to add a new spin to your training sessions? Try this challenging exercise. Tony Gentilcore talks about it's benefits as well as proper set-up and execution of the exercise.



3. Practical Recovery Tips From Research in March by Chris Beardsley

Here's one for the nerds inside of us all. Chris Beardsley's blog is all about evidence based information which means anything that he discusses is either supported or challenged by published research. In this post Chris talks about some helpful tips for recovering after a tough week of training.