it is the start of another week! Woo Hoo! Tons of opportunities to succeed and improve! A few things I did like to share from my weekend 1. If you own an xbox and have a Kinect I highly recommend purchasing the NIKE Training video game. I used it a couple times this weekend and WOW! It really kicked my butt! The programming for the training in the game was done with the consult of Rachel and Alwyn Cosgrove, who are some of the greatest fat-loss gurus in the world. The game includes several different goal options and difficulty levels. It also trains who as if a personal trainer would. It uses the FMS to evaluate you and plans out four weeks of training and then re-screens you. Needless to say I was pretty impressed with not only the design, but also the quality of the fitness programming, which was well thought out.

2. If your someone who has to work a lot of shift work I truly believe the key to living a healthy lifestyle to counteract the negative effects of this type of work is PREPARATION. This past weekend I worked a 10 hour shift and a 12 hour shift at the hospital, but I was able to get adequate nutrition, training, and sleep because I pre-planned my schedule for these days and I packed healthful food to help fuel me throughout the shift. Preparation is key if you don't want to feel crappy all the time.

Now on to the stuff you came here for, this week's stuff to read!

1. How Do You Tell Who Is The Expert? by Dean Somerset

It is hard at time to determine whether or not someone is a credible source of information. Often times the people who are thought to be the most informed or knowledgable are in fact not these things they are just the people who have been given the opportunity to publicize themselves. In general the person with the most public exposure is the expert. I think this trend holds true is both health and fitness as well as many other industries and academic fields.

In this post Dean Somerset does an awesome job discussing this phenomenon and what the problem is with this way of selecting an expert. It definitely will help give you insight on the way public opinion shapes are opinion of who the so called expert is.

2. The End is Near: (Wo)Man Up! by Justin Kompf

Okay so this was a really fun post talking about some of the degenerative things that are happening in our society and what we can do as individuals to help improve our world.

3. Warm-Ups for Sparing the Shoulders by Eric Cressey

Title gives this one away. A few great drills for saving your shoulders and improving your warm-up