Dang do I have a lot to share with you today! This past weekend was the annual Fitness Summit! It was held in Kansas City, Missouri at the ARC Performance Center. It was my first time attending as well as the very first live seminar that I have attended since starting my training career.

IT WAS FANTASTIC! I got to meet some huge heroes of mine in the strength and conditioning field including: Eric Cressey, Bret Contreras, Jon Goodman, Alan Aragon, and Lou Schuler. It was awesomely epic. I even got to talk to Eric Cressey about graduate school. Anyway it was a fantastic time and I can't wait for next years. I will do a more detailed write up on my experience and the things I learned from the presenters a little later on this week.

In addition to the Summit being this weekend Ironman 3 also debuted! Let me say that it was a close race between the two as to which one I was jacked up for more. After Day 1 of the Summit I went with my girlfriend's family to see the movie which made for a Day so epic that it's epicness was in it's self epic. I highly recommend you get up off the computer right now, run to the closest theatre, buy a ticket, and watch it. Then return here to read the rest of the post.

Trust me this is a movie that will not disappoint. It has action, comedy, feelings, and Gwyneth Paltrow (that is enough of a reason right there to see it).images

Okay enough about my glorious weekend. Lets get into this week's list of stuff to read while your slowing waiting for five'o'clock to come around. I think you'll enjoy them all, but if your a woman I think you'll especially enjoy Jen Sinkler's post.

1. How Yoga Can Complement Weight Training by Bret Contreras

1006-yogaYoga is a tricky subject. It offers a lot of benefits, but there also could be a couple beefs with it too. Often times you here people complain of stiffness or limited ROM and nine times out of ten the first words out of someone's mouth is "you should do yoga." While this may seem like harmless advice for some it could be ultimately detrimental to their performance. But in other cases yoga might be just the ingredient missing from someone's life.

I though Bret Contreras did a great job discussing his point of view on yoga and how it can be used to compliment a resistance training program.

2. 6 Truths About Squats by Lee Boyce

breathing-squatsWe have all heard hit right? Squats hurt the knees. Wrong! This particular myth has been put to bed a number of times by a number of expert. But it is not the only misunderstanding many people have regarding the squat. In this post Lee Boyce takes on a few of these misconceptions helping to clear the air surrounding the squat.

3. Lifts Weight Faster by Jen Sinkler

jsink_thumbThis is a great post by Jen Sinkler discussing her trade mark saying "I lift weights faster." This is a quote that has blown up around the fitness world. It seems everyone has a t-shirt sporting this quote. I think it is awesome! Especially because Jen Sinkler is a woman who is promoting weight training to other women. There is a huge need for more fitness professionals like Jen. Here she discusses how you can use weights to get a great cardiovascular response and metabolic disturbance without ever jumping on the elliptical.