killing-them-softly-brad-pitt-poster-headerHope everyone had a great weekend and had a great start to the week. Couldn't get this one out yesterday sorry about that the schedules been a bit hectic lately. I don't have much to report this week other than a couple movie recommendations. I recently watched three movies which included: Killing Them Softly, Broken City, and Stand Up Guys. If you like movies with a sprinkle of action and badassery with a whole lot of great dialogue then you will like Kiling Them Softly. If your a fan of Mark Whalberg and Russell Crowe then Borken City is a much watch. Or if you want an bit of thrill with infused comedy relief then Stand Up Guys will do the trick. I recommend watching all three. They weren't academy award winners by any measure, but they were quality movies with their own unique style.

It is a short one today, so lets get to this week's list of things to read!

1. A Primer on Pain by Matthew Danziger

painPain is something we have all experienced. It doesn't matter whether it is chronic or acute we all can understand how big of an impact pain can have on your quality of life. But the mechanism of pain and the concept of pain as a whole is still being researched, studied, and refined. Pain as it relates to the health and fitness industry often is blamed as the culprit for all movement dysfunctions and postural imbalances, but as Mathew Danzinger presents to us in this well written piece it may not be the villain to blame. You will find this reading enlightening and contradicting to most commonly held beliefs about pain.

2. Growing Glutes Without Growing the Legs by Bret Contreras

Everyone has their own definition of the perfect body. For me it might include a narrow waist, large chest with broad shoulders, and well developed muscular legs. For you it might include a narrow waist, large arms, and a less developed lower body. But it seems in our material world we have had a picture painted for us of what a male should look like and what a female should like, when in fact everyone has their own desired appearance. This post is a great piece that helps fix this issue by giving advice to women who might not want the stereotypical muscular lower body, but still desire a big, round booty.

3. New Airplane Back Survival Trick by Kelly Starrett

fartair16n-2-webKelly Starrett is an absolute genius when it comes to mobility and creating the optimal position for your body to function. If your a frequent flyer or have a long plane ride coming up please watch this short video post. Mr. Starrett presents a fantastically ingenious solution to sitting induced lower back pain.


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