images (1)Start of another week! You know what that means, as I say it on a weekly basis, time for a fresh start and new head way. Although I did want to share with you a quick thought I had during this past weekend. I fall ill often to the constant state of building and chasing a certain level of fitness. I feel that I am not the only person who deals with such a problem. I had this revelation while taking a canoe trip with friends and family this past sunday. I realized how great it felt to be out and active in an atmosphere not involving weights and dumbbells. It was a chance to actually enjoy the level of fitness I have obtained. I could row the canoe, jump in and out of it, and swim around without being winded or getting hurt. It is these opportunities that we train for. We train for our health and our ability to live life to the fullness. But if we never take time to enjoy the level of fitness we have cultivated, what is the point of all of it?

Remember this is just my own mad rumination. Take it for what it is worth and nothing more. I hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to an even better week. On to this week's list of things to read.

1. Simple Cue to Clean Up Your Lunge by Tony Gentilcore

bob_harper_lunges_lgLunges are a pretty widely used staple in most common gym-goers programming. And why shouldn't they be? Lunges are a great exercise. They develop lower body strength effectively. They expose people to a position of hip separation and better yet one in which one hip is placed in flexion and the other in extension. Finally they give one a great post-workout experience, if you have ever performed a few sets of lunges you know what I am talking about.

But these benefits are not reaped unless the exercise is performed with great technique. While technique is often debated among coaches and trainers there are well defined guidelines. In this post Tony Gentilcore takes us on a closer look at what you can do to improve your lunge technique.

2. 30-Day Glute Challenge by Bret Contreras

30DayChallengePersonally I was unaware of this recent trend until a client of mind mentioned to me that she was beginning a 30-day squat challenge. But after a quick google search I quickly found out that this is a rather popular challenge within the health and fitness community currently. I hadn't thought about it much since then or really long enough to form an opinion other than what ever gets you moving, but Bret Contreras recently made this post on his blog that I think offers a far better alternative challenge for most. Mostly because while squats are a great exercise they are not the most effective exercise for developing overall lower body musculature, rather a comprehensive program involving multiple lower body movements is better. In addition to this most people don't need to spend more time developing the anterior chain, rather they need to spend time working on their posterior chain, which is exactly what Mr. Contreras propose. Go for the challenge.

3. Of Unicorns and Finding Your Perfect Hip Hinge by Dean Somerset

1419618-unicorn2Dean somerset comes up with some of the most creative titles for post and he has done it again here. I mean if the title itself doesn't intrigue you to give it an examination I don't know if there is much hope for you. Dean discusses the "ah ha" moment of learning his perfect hip hinge and what this means for you. Oh and he uses a hilarious analogy for finding YOUR perfect hip hinge that will provide you with a moment of entertainment.