Well I am a bit behind on my saturday as I just woke up about 50 minutes ago because I had to work the overnight shift at the hospital. But it appears there is a lot happening in the world this weekend. We got countries fighting over who is going to give asylum to Mr. Snowden, egyptians orchestrating another coup, and terrible news that a plane crashed this afternoon after landing. It should be interesting to see how all these world events are going to play out and hopefully the crash doesn't result in any deaths. On a brighter note though my world is quite a bit calmer. I am off for the rest of the weekend. I think I am going to spend it drinking coffee and playing with my new laptop! That is right I finally got it! And it is as glorious as I could have hoped for. I am sorry but hands down Apple makes the finest hardware on the planet.

Also on dockett for this weekend is doing some much needed video shooting, editing and uploading. I think when it is all said and done I will have uploaded somewhere above 30 videos to the youtube channel! And while I am already at the gym to get the video I figure I might as well squeeze in a couple quality training sessions which will probably only consist of a singular movement done with a crap load of intensity followed by a lot of mobility drills.

Any who that about sums up my plans for the next 36 to 48 hours. I hope yours are as fun and exciting as mine are going to be! I must be going the coffee isn't going to drink itself, those videos aren't going to upload themselves, and those heavy weights aren't going to move on their own.


How Can We Help People to Develop Lean and Healthy Bodies - A New Perspective

by B. Gutin

published 2013 in the Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport


The common explanation for the cause of obesity and overweight states is that individuals are spending prolonged periods time in which energy intake exceeds energy expenditure. The reviewer states that epidemiological studies looking at both caloric intake and caloric expenditure suggested that this equation is an over simplified equation. This has led to researchers proposing a developmental theory. The reviewer notes that this theory proposes that vigorous physical activity leads to stimulation of stem cells to differentiate towards lean tissue cells instead of fat cells. According to this theory, a person who engages in large amounts of vigorous exercise but maintains same energy balance as a person who doesn't engage in physical activity may have similar body energy, but a much healthier body composition.

The reviewer states that while the theory seems illogical available research indicates that the self-reported energy intake of lean people is similar or greater than overweight or obese people. However the Reviewer notes that these studies are limited in the fact that self reported energy intakes are often over or under reported. The reviewer also states that in studies regarding physical activity levels show that individuals who maintain higher levels of physical activity over a period of time where less likely to increase their waist circumference than those people who didn't maintain levels of physical activity.

The reviewer states that in vitro studies report that stem cells are able to differentiate into different mature cells. Studies have also found that the mechanisms which stimulate energy deposit into lean tissue also tend to direct differentiation of stem cells into lean tissues rather than fat cells. Reviewer notes that rodent studies indicate relative macro nutrient intake play a role in the type of mature cells that stem cells become. Reviewer noted that diets high in fa tand sugar appear to decrease the accumulation of bone mineral cells and increase the accumulation of adipocyte cells. But rodent studies have also indicated that these dietary factors can be mitigated against with the practice of physical activity. And while physical activity did prevent the development of obesity in rodent models it did not reverse obesity once it onset. The reviewer notes that pilot studies in humans show promise that mechanical stimulation may help increase bone and muscle mass while simultaneously decreasing fat mass.

The reviewer then noted that the developmental theory would lead naturally to the connection that people who regularly engage in high impact or resistance training would and will develop leaner bodies than those who do not.

Reviewer finishes by suggesting that the developmental theory states that the emphasis on calorie restriction should be limited and that leanness should be promoted through vigorous activity and improved dietary composition.


Reviewer concludes that according to the developmental theory vigorous physical activity leads to mechanical stimulation of stem cells to differentiation toward lean tissue cells and not fat cells. This will lead to a higher ration of lean to fat mass and overall lower body fat percentage. But however the Reviewer states further investigation needs to be done regarding the theory. But should it prove to be supported by further study it means that the current importance placed on calorie restriction should be reduced and leanness can be achieved by advising people to participate in more vigorous physical activity as well as improved dietary quality.


Okay if some of that didn't stick or paint a complete comprehensible picture for you, as I know it did't for me at first, let me explain in a much simpler way what is so interesting about this review.

This review is saying that current research supports the idea of a developmental theory to explain why some people remain lean through childhood and adulthood while others seem to be unable to prevent obesity. This developmental theory indicates that if we can encourage more people to eat better quality food and participate in vigorous weight bearing activity as young people they will have a tendency to become leaner and decrease the accumulation of adipocyte cells in their bodies. Which could possibly change the whole way we attack obesity meaning instead of focusing on calorie restriction we move the focus to increasing daily activity and just work on improving the composition of the individuals diet.

See isn't that so much easier to understand! It is pretty exciting I think as it perhaps give us a window into what the preventative protocol should be for those people who are at greater risks for developing obesity.

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