imagesHope everyone has been well the past week and a half because I have been quite the slacker about posting on a regular basis recently which I do apologize for. Some good things that have been happening in my world was the recent acquisition of three new clients which has been a big part of the reason my writing schedule kind of got thrown out the window, but now they are all in the groove and catching on which allows me more time at home to get some writing done. It had been a while since working with new clients so it has been fun getting to coach every one of them through each movement and work on fixing outstanding dysfunctions.This made the last couple weeks pretty exciting and joy filled until this past Wednesday when upon returning from work at the hospital I found that my trusty old laptop had suddenly decided it was tired of dealing with the workload I placed on it.

Needless to say this event threw a big kink in both my mood and wallet. It forced me toMacBookAir_AFP order a brand new laptop to the tune of over a thousand dollars which while exciting to get a new toy it also sucked to be out so much money. This was the second event that placed my writing schedule on hiatus as I couldn't figure out how to log back into the site to write and post because on my old laptop I had just book marked the page.

Any who I am stilling waiting for the new laptop to arrive later this week, but I did figure out how to log in so today I am back on track. Although I am a bit bummed I had to write this post on a windows computer. If I haven't mentioned before when it comes to technology I discriminate quite a bit against non-apple made products. I guess I am kind of a tech snob in that way haha.


In any event I am just glad to be back to sharing my thoughts and good information again. I hope you enjoy this week's list which includes: the truth about raw milk, a couple of great behaviors you can take on to instantly improve your health, and a rather large presentation making the case for more frequent low intensity, long duration cardio.

1. You NEED Long Duration, Low-Intensity Cardio by Mike Robertson

I have to admit I am a bit of a cardio hater. I don't care for running long distances or spending endless amounts of time sweating and breathing heavy. I prefer multiple short bursts of activity with intermittent rest and I believe this kind of activity is the most beneficial for improving body composition and keeping exercise interesting. But aerobic activity can be beneficial and is needed for developing well rounded energy systems. Mike Robertson addresses the pervasive tendency recently among trainers and coaches to demonize long duration, low intensity cardio. I'll be honest I am one of those guilty parties. While I don't go as far as to say it is useless I do have a prejudice toward this type of cardio. But this great read presents a plethora of information and evidence to convince both coaches and clients to perform some regular aerobic activity.

2. Two Things to Improve Your Healthy Instantly by Tony Gentilcore

Here is some great actionable knowledge brought to you by Tony G. These two things he presents are seriously simple and easily doable. I for one definitely agree with Mr. Gentilcore that these lifestyle changes can really impact your global health.

3. The Untold Story of Milk, Revised and Updated: The History, Politics and Science of Nature's Perfect Food: Raw Milk from Pasture-Fed Cows

Untold-Story-of_MilkI am a huge fan of milk, always have been and always will be. Recently I have made it a point to try and expand my knowledge in regards to the history of milk production, modern day milk production, and the differences in the cow species producing the milk. This was one of the first books I read in regard to these topics and I found it really interesting and informative. I also am an advocate for raw milk and if you have any doubts about raw milk this book will really help put your worries to rest. A definite must read in my opinion.



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