1069945_10200350552066584_1241373457_nGetting this one out later than usual, but later is always better than never. I hope your weekend and the beginning of this week were fantastic! I Had a pretty productive and relaxing weekend. I spent saturday working at the hospital in the ER, sunday morning I did a little bit of fishing (as evidenced by the photo), and sunday afternoon I spent working on finally getting my ebook up and running.

Which brings me to my next topic which is the fact that I finally got my Ebook finished and set up for download. This was something I have working on for the past several months between writing content, figuring out how to make a Ebook cover, and arranging the proper pathways for subscribers to be able to download it. I am really proud of it even though it is a simple, free Ebook. I think it holds a ton of great actionable knowledge.45 Tip Ebook Cover

If you haven't subscribed yourself go here to do so and download your free copy of the Ebook. If you have subscribed then tell several friend about this website and encourage them to subscribe to the newsletter as well.

This past week has been quite a great week for reading and it was difficult to select which post to share and which to not, but I think I have selected three articles that are relevant, informative, and entertaining.

1. Why I don't Use the Olympic Lifts by Tony Gentilcore

f4dd88c9a8d3473def81697816b73565Olympic lifting continues to be the rage right now in the mainstream health and fitness scene. It is being written about in the largest publications, talked about on every forum across the interwebz, and if you pop your head into any commercial gym I'll bet you find some one trying to perform something that resembles a hang clean. Most of this popularity is due to the spread of Crossfit and the publicity it has received. But what has not been questioned by many is who should use the olympic lifts and why.

I like this post because Mr. Gentilcore does an awesome job of being honest and upfront in regards to why he doesn't use the olympic lifts and why he doesn't use them with particular populations. Give it a read I think it will make you evaluate the use of such lifts more critically.

2. Machine vs. Free Weights: More Research is Needed by Bret Contreras

ronharris5Bret Contreras is the master when it comes to using science to enhance the results we see from strength training and conditioning. In this post he discusses the long debated question which is better machine or free weights and lays out a master plan for an entire ph.d thesis to answer this question.

3. Are We Putting Our Kids at Risk for Youth Baseball Injuries by Mike Reinold

youth-baseball-1I choose to share this both because I played baseball through my childhood and adolescence and I presume that some readers out there also have children who play youth baseball. This article gives some pretty surprising statistics about youth injuries and playing time. I think it would do good if more parents and coaches were aware of these statistics and findings.

Have a great hump day everyone! It is all downhill after today and we should use the momentum to finish it strong!

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