i-am-back-261x300Happy monday everyone! It's official "I'm back" from my lake adventure (catch my movie reference? =D). It was a great weekend! I spent the majority of it having fun in the water, eating tasty food (some of which not so good for me), and hanging out with family. Sadly I didn't get a chance to break the old kettlebell out and get a few shots of me getting my lake workout on, but I did get plenty of rest and relaxation (you gotta get your lazy on form time to time). One of the crappy things though about being at the lake is no wifi and very limited cell reception. While this gave me a great excuse not to have to worry about returning messages and phone calls (oops sorry anyone who tried to contact me this weekend! I swear the service was terrible! ; O) it did prevent me from keeping up on the newest articles. So upon arriving home yesterday I had quite the "To Read" list going on in my inbox. Of course I jumped right on making my way through the list [read as, played call of duty for 2 hours instead].

I finally finished reading everything off of the list I felt worthy of spending time on earlier this morning and the following two posts and one video were the material I felt most worthy of sharing with everyone else. I think each one has something you can take away and use to improve your performance on a daily basis

1. 5 Ways to Counteract Wearing High Heels by Greg Robins

When I saw this article on Facebook the first thing that came to my mind was "Damn I should have written that!". I have one particular client that I am always on about her habit of wearing high heels and how they adversely affect ankle health and mobility. I have also spent a lot of time thinking of possible ways she can continually work on limiting the amount damage they do.

But this is what procrastinating gets me, somebody beating me to the punch of putting those "things" down in writing. At least it was someone I admire and is probably smarter than me anyway. Seriously though if you are a woman who finds themselves in high heels for long periods of time I highly recommend you read this post and incorporate some of the tips into your daily routine. High heels are like cigarettes wearing them one day doesn't provide you an immediate negative feedback, but it is the cumulative effect of many wears.

2. On "Creating Torque" by Screwing the Feet Into the Ground by Bret Contreras 

I personally really got into this post because after being introduced to Kelly Starrett's work I made it a point to begin practicing screwing my feet into the ground while squatting. But I throughout all my self education process I had rarely come upon any other strength coach or trainer who placed such emphasis on the idea of creating torque as a way to create a more stabile hip.

So it was like a wish come true that Mr. Biomechanics himself, Bret Contreras, took the time to write out his thoughts and experiences with this idea. I myself have found it actually does create more stability, but as Bret talks about in his post it has elicited some knee pain. I think part of this probably has to do with achieving a certain level of mobility, but I really like that Bret addresses the fact that foot positioning can be affected by a person's joint shape making foot position more individualistic than what Mr. Starrett has proposed.

3. Just Arch Harder by MobilityWOD

I have mentioned in the past 6 months that I have become a huge fan of MobilityWOD, specifically Kelly Starrett, and their mission to help all humans learn how to perform basic maintenance on their own bodies. I think this is such a huge and selfless undertaking because the knowledge Kelly shares he could easily keep to himself and profit off of it, but instead he gives out great tid bits of applicable knowledge for free.

This video talks about a common cue used all throughout the strength and conditioning world, but that is often misinterpreted. The mobilityWOD crew sets the record straight on what exactly "Arch Harder" really means and how to correctly respond to the cue.

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