Fresh off another weekend and it is great to be back! What will you do this week to improve and progress not only in the gym, but also as a person? Somethings I have planned for this week are my usual regular training schedule, reading through the latest edition of the strength and conditioning review, trying my hand at a new  recipe, and attempting to compile an ebook comprised of tips for a healthier life.

But as I already have made plans for improvement I thought I would help you out by providing you with a list of things to read in order to get your self-improvement off to a good start this week. Hope you have a great monday!

1. Training The Hip Hinge by Dean Somerset

photo-7-e1344392753366-620x300Oh man! Oh man! The hip hinge is by far the hardest movement to try and get a non hinger to understand. It is like trying to teach a caveman the concept of plumbing it just doesn't jive, but with a lot of repetition and consistent cueing most people catch on after the first couple of weeks practicing a few hinging drills. Once the first step of learning the hinge is complete the follow up step is how do you train or progress to a strong, badass deadlift with a crap ton of weight. Well fear no more because Mr. Somerset has thrown down this awesome post that does exactly that, it tells of how to take a basic understanding of the hinge to the ultimate pull from the floor.

2. Hydrotherapy: How Water Can Help You Recover From Workouts by Neghar Fonooni

antiaging-secrets-of-cold-showersHere is a short and sweet post regarding how you can use the trusty old shower to recover from those brutally intense workouts.  I find it particularly useful during the summer, but that is just for the reason that I refuse to take a cold shower in the middle of winter. I recommend giving this recovery tool at least one try and then pass your judgement on it.

3. The Keys to Stronger Deadlift by Bret Contreras


I love deadlifting so naturally I love any post, article, or book that has deadlift in the title, but the reason I choose to share this particular post is because it really gives insight into the idea that although there are many individualistic differences in the deadlift there are underlying concepts that transcend between all lifters which allow people to have mind blowing pulls. If you have an appetite for getting stronger than this is a great post for you.

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