Our facebook official engagement announcement pic haha. . .facebook official. . .oh brother. Well I have some enormous news to share with everyone this morning! After 4 years and a half years of trying to work up the courage to ask her dad for permission ask my lovely girlfriend, kelsey, to marry me I finally popped the question last night. And surprisingly she said YES (; D)!

You probably wondering how I did it and whether or not I had this grand master plan involving a flash mob, a dog with a ring tied to it's collar, and an Andrea Bocelli present to serenade her, but sadly I don't. Honestly I am a really simple guy and kind of an introvert at heart. I have had to work really hard to develop the ability to be outgoing and conversational, although I admit I still find it mentally draining.

So I felt it was much more fitting for me and her as couple to stick with a simple at-home moment just between the two of us. I won't go into detail because this is suppose to be a fitness and health blog not a sequel to the notebook, but I will say it was exactly what I had in mind and it made her smile which was all I wanted.

Moving on from the mushy gushy stuff I did find time in between all of my romantics to fit in some interwebz reading which is what today's post is about. The most recent gems and treasures discovered from my fitness blog explorations. And I have to admit it was a great week last week for the fitness blogging seen a lot writers were on their game. Although I will admit there is a post below that is a bit dates, but still a great read.

I hope you enjoy and can find something to take away from each one. If you have any good wishes for me and my fiancé feel free to drop them in the comments below!

1. Another Cholesterol Rant by Tony Gentilcore

I am pretty well known around my family for dropping the occasional "dietary cholesterol isn't bad for you" rant from time to time. It is usually in response to my mom's nagging to get my blood work done because she is worried that my constant egg consumption is going to heart my heart. It isn't her fault she is just worried about me and to be far we do have a history of familial hypercholesterolemia.

But it is a pretty common misconception that eating too much dietary cholesterol can raise your blood serum cholesterol above healthy levels. It is even as far as medical practitioners recommending their patients restrict cholesterol intake to lower their cholesterol when in fact there exist little to no evidence to support a link between increased dietary cholesterol and increased blood serum cholesterol. Not to mention the fact that total cholesterol is actually not a really great indicator of anything you need to get more specific to get any valuable information.

Nonetheless I love reading someone else going off about this particular issue while in addition adding in their own personal lab results as evidence. My mom's pretty happy with me because I do have an appointment in November to have a physical and all lab work done so I definitely intend to share the results with everyone. Anyway read up and see that eggs aren't going to put you in your grave early as some might have you believe!

2. Practical Glute Training Tips by Bret Contreras

bikini-glutesDoes really anything need to be said about this article? Everyone wants a better butt and everyone want's their partner to have a better butt. So when the Glute Guy himself offers up practical training tips for training the glutes we'd better listen up! I mean come on great glutes look good on everyone!


3. We're All Resistant to Change. So What's Your Resistance Type by Susan Olding

imagesI really look up to the Precision Nutrition Team and the emphasis they place on understanding human psychology and the psychology of behavioral change which when you get down to it is the heart and soul of the health and fitness profession. It is all about getting people to care more about their health and care enough to change their current behaviors for more beneficial behaviors.

This article is great for helping us identify our own limitations to change and how we can overcome these limitations depending on our particular type of resistance to change.

Have a great monday! Thanks for stopping by!

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