FTS-Header.jpg1. Welcome everyone to the new website. For the most part the only thing that should seem different is the background color, website name and url, and the header image. I kept the rest of the site exactly the same. And if I could ask you all for a favor if you notice any problems or issues on one or more of the pages please let me know and I will get on fixing them. I appreciate the help. 2. I hope everyone had a killer weekend. I myself actually got to squeeze in some video games and even went out for a nice tasty omelet in spite of having to spend most of my Sunday and Saturday in the ER. On another good note I was scheduled to work overnight on Sunday and thanks to a mix up in schedules I got called in to fill the mid day shift instead. I was really thankful for this occurrence because as I have mentioned in the past I hate overnight work and I think it should be outlawed across the country.

3. Last before we get to the important stuff I wanted to share a couple thoughts about images7running and runners. I don't hate those who run nor do I hate running myself. I don't enjoy long distance running, but there is nothing like running hill sprints to make you feel athletic. My beef with running is that it seems a majority of the public thinks that running a 5k is a must if you want to earn your fit and healthy badge. I don't mind runners trying to spread their love for the activity with others, but I do not like the pressure some try to place on others to run with them. You do not have to run long distance to be healthy or to achieve a well shaped physique. Nor are you necessarily fit and healthy just because you run. If you want to run long distance for your enjoyment great, but it is not a necessity. Again I don't hate runners, I actually have quite a few in my family, I just hate this idea among the public that equates running with health.

Now that I have that out of my system I can share with you this week's list of "Stuff To Read". Enjoy!

1. The Obesity Era by David Berreby

Obese-modelFirst let me warn you this is not a post you can read in 5 minutes and be done. It is 4,700 words long, but every single one of those words is worth reading. The article looks at the current state of obesity in humans as well as a number of other species. It discusses why the problem of obesity may be bigger than man himself and who some possible suspects are for the cause of this rise in obesity as well as some suspects many of us may have never considered.

2. Common Medications That Could Hurt Your - Or Your Clients' - Fitness Progress by Krista Scott-Dixon

images8I enjoyed this post because it answers questions that I myself have had as a trainer, but the possible effects certain pharmaceutical compounds have on a person's ability to improve their fitness, specifically looking at ability to lose weight and body fat. I initially became interested in this because at a conference I attended in April one of the speakers mentioned that if a female client is on SSRI's, which is a particular classification of medications, they can have a difficult time losing weight. This article looks at a wide range of categories of drugs and their possible side effects on different parts of your body. I recommend looking through it especially if you yourself are taking any regular medications. It could give you some insight into why you are experiencing the difficulties you are and prompt you to discuss options with your primary care physician.

3. Functional Strength for Opening a Water Bottle by Dean Somerset

I got a great laugh out of this piece by Mr. Somerset. Some of you who may have already seen the video, but for those of you haven't below is the video that inspired this post:


Okay now that you have wiped your tears away and cleaned off your computer screen from the spit take you just did let me tell you a little bit more about the post. So being the analytical person I infer Mr. Somerset is instead of just laughing and making jokes at the man he took this opportunity to discuss how better one might prepare themselves for such a task as opening a water bottle and save themselves from future embarrassment. He also gives a nice shout out to the farmers and country folk.

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