Technology unlocks a whole new possibility for training. I've been a trainer now for over two years. I have worked with approximately 80 clients over the past two years between two different commercial gyms and the occasional freelance program design for someone. Now in reality my experience pales in comparison to other trainers who have been working in this industry for excess of 10 years, but from my own experience I have quickly seen that 1-on-1 personal training is a form of coaching that will do nothing but make you a slave to time and do nothing but limit a trainers earning potential which is why I prefer small group training for in-person services.

But even in small group training both me and the client are still slaves to time and must abide by the schedule permitted by their life and mine. This has been one of the most difficult problems to overcome and to give the problem a name it is Scheduling.

Scheduling sucks! Trying to schedule two standing appointments for a client who works a 9 to 5, has two kids, and participates in her kids PTO is like trying to navigate the seven circles of hell. It is do able, but I'd rather not.

I have tried every solution possible to the scheduling problem.

I have tried doing weekly scheduling which involved me sitting down at the end of the week with each client and planning out the next weeks training schedule based around up coming activities. But this was ultimately unsuccessful because each client rarely had next week's activities set in stone which often meant we left from each scheduling session on a note of uncertainty about whether or not the days and times we had set-up would conflict. And nine times out of then it did. Whether this was actually the case or perhaps it was just a convenient way of skipping out on training I have no way of knowing all I know was it often meant wasted time and effort.

I have tried offering self scheduling via shared google calendars so that clients could

Self scheduling for in person training was a bad option.

simply login into the gmail account I had set-up for them, access my training schedule which had all available appointments for the upcoming week, and simply plug in their name in the time slot on the day they desired. But this was also an epic fail. I had clients who forgot to schedule appointments, clients who couldn't figure out their gmail account, and clients who accidentally booked twice the amount of time than they actually wanted to train. Needless to say it was a nightmare.

I have even tried offering block scheduling in which I set a chunk of time aside that I would be at the gym each day to work with clients and welcomed clients to come at any time in this block for help and instruction on their program. This one sounded like a great idea in my head, but in theory it was horrible kind of like Universal Healthcare (sorry to all those supporters out there, no offense meant). I ended up with ten clients coming in during a single hour and none coming in the next.

Scheduling sucks for both clients and for me. It limits us. It limits my ability and availability to help those who need help and want it. And that has never set well with me at all!

i-m-busy-peopleBehind this problem of scheduling lies an even greater issue and that is the people who have the busiest and most hectic schedules are the people who often could use, benefit, or need a trainer. But do to their limited availability and the trainers limitations they cannot gain access to one at least not on a regular basis. Which if you hadn't heard this before, client success is often directly correlated to the amount of direct time they have in contact with there trainer. Meaning if I want my clients to succeed I need to be in contact with them continually via all lines of communication, but traditional training methods do not allow such practices nor compensate trainers for it.

And because these people can't get access to a trainer they also cannot get access to the most important things a trainer offers which are accountability to someone other than yourself, personalized guidance about nutrition and exercise, and support to keep them motivated in times of doubt and frustration.

All of these problems are what makes Online Personal Training so KICKASS!!!

I have found the solution to all these problems lie in Online Training and not a single thing in the way of service, results, or experience is sacrificed.

Online personal training allows you to get access to highly qualified and reputable trainers for unbelievable costs. And once you hire them they are completely your trainer just like you would hire at your local big box gym.

This trainer can perform a complete and comprehensive assessment on you. He or she can be create an entire exercise program based on your needs, wants, and limitations. He or she can give you direct guidance and direction on nutrition and food preparation. He or she can motivate you and support you as you chase after your goals.

But there are a few big differences between the service of a trainer you hire in person and a trainer you hire online.

1. Your in person trainer is only paid for the time that he spends working with you on the gym floor meaning if you are lucky (and financially well endowed) you see your trainer 3 times a week for at most an hour at a time. This is literally only 1.7 % of the time you have in your week. And as mentioned before an important indicator of client success is the amount of weekly contact the client has with their trainer. I'd say 1.7% places the chance of client success pretty low.

Trainer's are limited when working one on one with clients.

Now your online trainer he is paid to be your trainer for the month! He or she can offer weekly or biweekly phone or video call sessions to assess your progress, make adjustments to your program, and just give you advice and support for succeeding. But your contact with your online trainer doesn't stop there.

You often get access to his or hers facebook page, group, or profile meaning you can share questions, talk with other people trying to get health, and keep your head in the game with any daily post he or she makes. In addition you get access to email support. So no matter where you are or what your question or problem is you can send it to your trainer and he or she can get back to you that day with an answer. Last you have an exercise program that you don't have to question whether or not your performing the exercises right because all you have to do is go straight to your trainer's youtube channel and watch any one of him or hers numerous exercise demonstrations.

All this means you stay in contact with your online trainer on a daily basis which greatly increase your chance for success!

2. As we talked about previously your in person trainer is limited by scheduling he can only take on so many clients because he only has so many hours in the day to coach. He is also limited by your availability. If you can only work out between the hours of 530pm to 630pm like a majority of Americans chances of you finding a trainer that can work with you then is zero to none considering how in demand that time slot is.

Your online trainer solves all these scheduling headaches and nightmares!

First your online trainer is again hired to be your trainer for the month so he is available to you when you need him (of course be realistic most people aren't awake to answer questions at 2am, but you get what I am shooting at).

This means you don't have to worry about redoing your entire work and family schedule so that you can make appointments with your trainer a couple times a week. You already have your exercise program, you have all the exercise demonstrations for your program that you can watch on repeat until you figure it out, and you have the ability to ask questions about your program at any time meaning you can workout and plan your

Freedom to train when you want!

training schedule when it works best for you. You can workout at 11:30 night after a long shift at the hospital or you can workout at 4:30 in the morning before a busy day at the office. But you still get to perform a well designed, individualized program suited to the needs and wants you have.

Second it is much easier to schedule a weekly or biweekly phone or video call sessions around your busy and hectic schedule than it is to figure out how to get to the gym between baseball practices, business dinners, and birthday parties to meet your trainer at that one hour slot they had open at 645pm.

3. Your online trainer also can provide you with a much more comprehensive plan because he or she is not concerned with only being able to coach you three times a week for an hour. Unlike in person trainers who only provides you with programming for the days and times you have paid for, your online personal trainer can provide you with programming for the entire month for all the time you have available for exercise. In addition they can make sure that you perform each exercise and training session appropriately through prerecorded exercise demonstration videos and written instructions.

4. Last but not least not only does online training make the necessary guidance, support, and accountability one needs for success available to more people, but it makes it significantly more affordable. See a trainer working with one on one clients can only work with 6 to 8 clients a day if their lucky meaning they need to make their entire daily income from these 6 to 8 people this drives the price way up. But an online personal trainer is not limited by time he or she is only limited by their experience, knowledge, and organizational skills meaning they can manage 20 to 30 clients each day or more meaning they can charge much less for their service and still make the income they need

Keep more money in your pocket!

to live.

It is a win win situation because they are able to provide exceptional service to more people at once at a much more affordable rate without taking a pay cut. While you the client enjoy a fantastic service and incredible results without breaking the back.

Online Training offers the best of both worlds and solves all the potential difficulties that come with in person one-on-one training.

Now in the interest of full disclosure I do in person training as well as online training. I have found joys in both and I wouldn't trade the experience I get when working with clients in person for anything. But as I have mentioned before I am limited by time and this subsequently limits the amount of people I can help.

This is why I am such huge fan of online training because it releases me from these limitations. With online training I can continue helping people and giving the same exceptional service and new lease on life that I can provide to clients that I see in person.

I am currently accepting new online training clients. If you are someone who experiences any of the limitations I have mentioned previously such as a busy schedule, limited financial resources, or just prefer to have the flexibility of training when you please but want the support, guidance, and accountability that a trainer can offer you in your pursuit of a leaner, stronger, healthier you then simply follow the link below and apply for a free initial consultation with me to talk further. I would be excited to hear from you! I hope I have given you some great things to consider and contemplate regarding online training!

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