slackerMan I have been quite the slacker when it comes to posting on the regular. I gotta stop letting that Call of Duty pull me in and eat up my writing time. Remember anything in life you think is worth doing such as with me and writing is not about what time you have available it is about making time for that something. I could make excuses as to why I haven't been able to write, but honestly we all have enough time to accomplish what we need to get done and it is simply just a matter of managing that time appropriately. I see this a lot with clients who are constantly canceling and giving excuses as to why they weren't able to make it which often include work and family life and while some of the excuses may be legitimate the overwhelming majority are not. I know this because these people also are the same people who have time to watch 3 to 4 hours of TV each evening as well as read the latest issue of people magazine.

We all have enough time we just often pick and choose how we spend that time poorly. For example with me and blogging. I have enough time around everything else to post 3 or 4 times a week, but for the past two weeks I have choose to a lot an hour or two 3-4 days a week playing Call of Duty instead of spending that time writing. It is my fault not anyone else's.

I think this is something we all need to work on. Not just time management, but owning our behavior and actions instead of trying to absolve ourselves of accountability. Ultimately we are in control of our reactions and actions, no one else is responsible for these or our emotions.

So I challenge you to stop worrying out how many hours are in the day or how everyone else is going to affect you and start worrying about how you are going to use those hours and how you are going to react to everyone around you.

Now that I am done pushing my accountability agenda lets talk about some great reading material for the week ahead!

1. For Women: Is Taking Care of Yourself Really That Selfish? by John Berardi 

Unknown I recently had a client start training with me. When this client was initially referred to me and I received the 411 on her the biggest thing that stuck out to me was "busy mom". And let me tell you I know what a busy mom looks like. I grew up with two other siblings all within two years each other. We were all involved in multiple sports and school clubs throughout our childhood and my mom spent the majority of her day worrying about how to plan the schedule so that everyone made their practice or activity on time.

But I felt really called to share the message of this article with her. That she needs to take time to take care of herself. You can't take care of others when you yourself are sick and ailing. I shared this message with her through a mutual friend, but I think it really convinced her to begin training with me and set aside 3 nights a week to spend an hour working on her health and body.

This article does a fantastic job of exploring this idea that many women have about being selfless above all else. While selflessness is not a bad trait is can be taken to an extreme and end up being a detriment to others as well as your self.

It's kind of like when your on an airplane and the stewardess goes through the preflight announcements particularly the one about how if the oxygen masks do deploy you are suppose to put yours on first before helping others around you. This is the same idea. You need to get healthy and energized yourself before you can do it for others.

2. Frequent Deadlifting: How to Pull it Off by David Dellanave 

I love deadlifting! In fact I love it so much I do it almost everyday. I find enjoyment in this and it has done wonders for my strength. But the difficulty in doing this is structuring  the deadlifting in a sequence that will be beneficial. David Dellanave talks about how you might go about deadlifting frequently.

3. 5 Keys to Long-Term Deadlift Progress by Eric Cressey

When Eric Cressey shares wisdom I soak it up, especially when it revolves around having training success in the long term. I am all about the long term and you should be too. Take these 5 keys and use them to help you maintain your deadlift supremacy for years to come.

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