Hey hey everyone! Hope your weekend was awesome and that your fantasy team didn't betray you! I've got a great set of reading recommendations for you today, but before getting to them I wanted to share a quick tidbit of information with you all.

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1. Who Says You Can't Get After It at 80? by Tony Gentilcore

Buff-older-gentlemanI wanted to share this post so bad because it is just so damn motivational and inspiring! I mean an 80 year old doing sumo kettlebell deadlifts? Is there anything better? No! The reason I love it so much is as a society we tend to treat the aging as fragile. We tell them to spend their time resting and relaxing in a hope that this will prolong their lives and keep their strength up when in fact this may be the actual advice that is causing so many elderly people to become dilapidated, weak, and sick.

Simply put: Inactivity begets Weakness

I mean what do we expect to happen to this population of people when we tell them to sit and relax, engage in no strenuous activity, and in addition most these people eat the same way they did as kids. It all adds up to weight gain, muscular atrophy, and decreased energy levels. Imagine if instead we  advised the aging to stay active, fit, and educate them on proper diet. Instead of quality of life declining as we age we might in fact be able to maintain a high quality of life throughout the aging process.

Often the hardest part is convincing this group of people of the benefits of gyms, weight lifting, and conditioning as it has never been a big part of their life and are weary of trying something outside of their comfort zone. But this post goes to show that with time and encouragement you can in fact get the aging people off the couch and into the gym.

2. The Band Side Lying Clam by Bret Contreras

UnknownHere is a get post detailing an exercise that I have discussed here previously, but with the addition of a band. Bret Contreras is the man when it come to EMG activation studies of different exercise (to be fair though if I had my own EMG machine I'd be playing with that thing EVERY DAY) and does a great job of sharing the best exercises for certain muscle activation. In this situation it is the gluteus medius which for most people is current set in the off position. Take a look and see what you think!

3. Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Salt-Sugar-FatHot damn is this book good! I recently finished it this weekend and can say it is one of the most eye opening books about the truth behind Big Food. It shows that if you attribute your affinity for certain foods to your own tastes you may be wrong. The Big Food companies have actually gone to a lot trouble, spent a ton of money, and hired super smart people to engineer their food products to be addictive and unsatisfying. In addition they have spent lots of dollars finding out what makes these foods fly out the shelfs and the best way to market it them to their audience. Every aspect has been thought out even down to where their products are placed in large chain supermarkets. I highly recommend you pick up a copy and arm yourself with some great information.

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