UnknownDamn that Labor Day Weekend skipped on by didn't it! Feels like ten minutes ago I was finishing up training clients on friday evening. I hope you made the most of your time off because I sure didn't! In fact I made it a point to blow off my regular routine and constant compulsion to be doing something related to school, training, or website managing.

I didn't do a physics problem, memorize an amino acid, write a blog post, or worry about preparing meals. Although I have to admit this took some coaxing from my fiancé to convince me I could do all of these things and the world not implode upon me.

Instead of all these things I trained my small group training clients, ate a late breakfast, sat on the couch with my honeys, played with my dog, hung out with family, swam in the pool, ate a couple hamburgers, and spent the last few hours of the evening playing call of duty and watching Netflix.

Your probably wondering why the heck I am sharing all this with you so let me answer. First like I have said in the past it's my blog so get over it (;D)! Second and much more seriously I share this because I am sure their are other people out there who exist like I do. Constantly rushing from one task to the next, making sure you leave the house at the exact right time to keep the schedule on routine, and always worrying about staying one step ahead less you be doomed to an eternity of catching up.

I want to share with you that you don't have to think like that. One day will not make or break your life just as one meal will not make or break your weight loss journey, or one workout will make or break your training program. The key is consistency. If you are consistently working hard, trying to stay ahead, and struggle towards success than one day of laziness or purposeful rest as I refer to it isn't going to sink you because your consistency outweighs it.

This is a mindset that I have had to work hard to achieve and even harder to practice and maintain. As I mentioned above I still often need coaxing to get out of that old mindset of productivity or perish, but the truth is we have to realize this is not a healthy or optimal mindset.

So take your purposeful rest in all things diet, workout, and lifestyle as you feel is necessary. Your world won't implode, the number on the scale won't ballon, and your muscles won't spontaneously atrophy.

Okay now give me a second to step down off my soap box. . . . . . . . Ah much better! Now lets get this short week off with some educational material. Enjoy!

1. Cleaning Up Kettlebell Swing Technique by Tony Gentilcore

imagesThe kettlebell swing can be a formidable opponent during a training session and conquering it means you capture a tone booty. Not just in the plunder since, but also literally it is great you developing a back side worthy of yoga pants. I have though witnessed on occasional the poorly performed swing. Not to fault the individual! It is a difficult motion and it is typically misrepresented by mainstream fitness gurus (i.e. Jillian Michaels).

But it would do tremendous good to correct this misrepresentation so that those performing the exercise can actually reap the benefits of their hard work. I myself have found the swing at times difficult to coach and coax people to do. Which is why I really enjoyed this post from Tony G talking about how to clean up atrocious KB swing form.

If you would like a better a butt, powerful hips, and a great metabolic stressor I recommend reading this post and learning how to swing better.


2. Long Lever Pelvic Tilt Plank by Bret Contreras

0I wanted to share this post because although it was published a while ago I have recently started regularly performing it in my own training and really believe it has merit for most of the population, especially for folks who have dominated the front plank consistently for several months.

Most importantly though it is a great teacher of glute activation, anterior core control, and hip extension with posterior pelvic tilting. All three of which are vitally important to proper performance, optimal movement, and in the end a better body. Below is the video from the post, but I recommend clicking through the link to read up on Mr. Contreras commentary as well seeing as he is the sports biomechanist.


3. A Set of Goblet Squats per Day Keeps the Doctor Away by Bret Contreras

august2011too_058I know I know your probably thinking "Jeez this guy has a fetish for this Contreras fellow!" And while the answer to that thought maybe "Just A little Bit", the true reason for sharing so much of his material is because it is great material! It's evidence based, rationale, and communicated in a way that the masses can comprehend and apply. All of which falls in line with what I am trying to do here with this website which is provide practical, purposeful, and effective training.

This is a great post talking about the merits of squatting if not every day, every other day because of the fact that mobility is a use it or lose type of attribute. So if you want to be able to squat to depth with weight on your back you need to maintain that mobility regularly. I like the movement Mr. Contreras chooses for the squatting everyday concept as well and like it is vastly under used exercise.

To be fair as well to Dan John he is actually who I first heard speak about this idea and specifically regarding Goblet Squats because he talked about using them as part of his athletes daily warm-up.


Practical, Purposeful, Effective Training