success-kid-meme-generator-time-to-kick-some-ass-f0812bWhoop! Whoop! It is  Friday! Which means we have one more day to kickass this week and I hope that you don't miss out on it! I myself am looking forward to a pretty awesome  Friday that is going to include: the study of enzyme regulation, anti-viral drug design, writing this blog post, training 1-on-1 and small group clients, cleaning the gym, crushing coffee, listening to conservative talk radio, destroying physics problems, and hanging out with my puppy. Yeah I know your jealous!  

I also have a couple cool note worthy happenings to share with you from this past week.

1. I have been functioning without a proper work station, office, or desk for over a year and a half now. I have HATED every minute of it! I have been doing most of my programming, studying, and reading either while sitting on the cough with my computer in my lap or while sitting on the ground with my computer on the coffee table (both suck).

See I have a tendency to work and focus much better on a task or goal when I designate a space that exist solely for the purpose of that task or goal. For example, relaxation takes place in the living room and on the couch, eating happens at the coffee table, or studying is done at my desk. Well without the proper designated space I have had to confuse my spaces meaning I have had to work in the same places where I relax which has not been as productive as I would like it to be.

But something big happened this week to take care of this problem! I got a freaking desk AAAANNNNNDDDDD a new desktop computer. Kelsey's dad was looking to replace his desktop computer due to a recent virus infection so I offered to take it off his hands, clean it up, and use it myself. I know right? SCORE!!! Anyway getting this computer was the much needed excuse to convince Kelsey that we should buy a desk (hehe I got her).

I got it all set up on Monday after returning from Kansas City and finished cleaning up the CPU on tuesday so officially I have my "office" up and running. And let me tell you it is freaking AWESOME!!! I don't care to much for Windows operated computers, but it works great for surfing the web, watching netflix, researching, and just having another monitor to display info on.IMG_0737

It is pretty safe to say that I am really excited about my "office" (nerd alert) and how it functions as the ultimate place for research, programming, and studying! Chances are if you need me from now on I will be here crushing coffee, slamming trail mix and beef jerky, smashing physics and biochemistry problems, and thinking of deviously tough programs.

Side Note: If you ever want to become an instant friend of mine bring me a bag of trail mix. Just saying ; D.

2. Yesterday was Kelsey and I's 5 years anniversary together and needless to say I failed to win the boyfriend/fiancé of the year award, but I did get her a nice Starbucks drink to start her day off and skipped school so I could spend part of the morning hanging out with her before I went to workout, train a client, start my evening shift at the hospital.

However Kelsey I did win the girlfriend/fiancé of the year award because when I got home from work the bag to left was on the counter with a package of beef jerky and trail mix.IMG_0738

Umm need I say more?

Okay, okay enough about me. How about some great reading material while your trying to look busy watching the clock at work later this afternoon? I am running short on time so I will keep the descriptions short, but trust me all of these are worth reading or watching.

1. The Evolution of the Hip Thrust by Bret Contreras

I love the Hip Thrust! I love it for building end range hip extension strength and for building monstrous booties so I would have to say thank you very much to Bret Contreras for popularizing the exercise.

But I'd never heard the story of how Mr. Contreras began to experiment and design such a movement. In this post Bret tells the story of the hip thrust and shows how it has evolved over time.

2. Diaphragmatic Breathing Through Pulling Versus Through Pushing by Dean Somerset

Dean somerset is one wicked smart guy when it comes to anatomy, physiology, and how it all relates to rehabilitation and training. In this post he talks about proper breathing during pushing and pulling exercises. It is a complex topic, but Dean does a great job of breaking it down into manageable and digestible information.

3. Does Research Support the Use of Bands and Chains by Chris Beardsley

I love research and evidence supported practice, but sometimes being able to read the research and interpret it can be time consuming so having a guy like Mr. Beardsley to break it down can be an awesome time saver and really beneficial service.

In this post Chris takes us through what the research says about the benefits of using Bands and Chains.

4. A Case for Staying off the Scale and Not Weighing Yourself by Nia Shanks

Not weighing regularly is a practice I like to preach to clients although some do find it beneficial to weight daily. Here Nia Shanks makes a case for the Not Weighing practice which in my opinion is quite a convincing argument.

Side Note: Nia just released her Train To Be Awesome Guide which is on sale for 29 dollars! Get a copy! You will not regret it!

5. Simple Exercises to Fix Your Posture by Eric Cressey

I love to see Eric Cressey and Dean Somerset hook up to do a product on functional anatomy because these two crush it every time. Eric is getting ready to release a new product entitled the High Performance Handbook and as a primer he is releasing several videos this week showing you simple ways of improving your performance.

In this video Mr. Cressey takes you through 4 simple exercises that can improve your posture and breathing which will transfer to your movement.

Oh, oh I almost forgot I have to show you this video I watched yesterday while at work. It is one of the coolest feats of strength I have seen for two main reasons: 1. 495 lbs x 3 reps 2. a girl.

Practical, Purposeful, Effective Training