Well, Well, Well here we are gain. Another week is in the books. What have you got to show for it? Did you make progress towards your goals? Did you leave a positive impact on others around you? If the answer is yes, than great job! If it is no don't fret there is still two more days left in this week for you to improve, achieve, and have an impact. Make today your masterpiece and be conscious and purposeful about your actions.

On a separate and incompletely related note there is a brand new movie being released today in theaters entitled The Counselor. You may already heard about it, but for those of you who haven't I will give you a bit of background about it because I definitely plan on getting to the theaters to see and I think you should as well.

The movie was written by Cormac McCarthy, a pulitzer prize winner, who has made most of his fame as a novelist with books such as The Road, The Orchard Keeper, and the Border Trilogy. This movie will be McCarthy's first screenplay, but not his first piece of writing to be the basis of a cinema. McCarthy's first novel to be made into a movie was No Country for Old Men, which if you haven't read or seen this is a definite must watch and read, and was followed by The Road.

Needless to say with this writers track record and the star studded cast it should be an awesome watch. If I still haven't convinced you watch the trailer below.


Enough about my movie fetish how about we talk some health and fitness? This week was a pretty epic week for content and product releases. I have got several that I think you will really enjoy and one product announcement that you should take advantage of immediately. Enjoy!

1. The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essential...in Business and in Life

bookcover3This was the latest book I finished this month and I would highly recommend it to you. It talks about the age old adage that less is more. If you are someone who struggles with clutter, unecessary complexity, and productivity then this is a definite addition to the "to read list".

2. Does Motivational Self-Talk Improve Performance by Chris Beardsley

We all at one point or another have experienced a moment of doubt or uneasiness and I will bet that to ease these feelings you either talked yourself down or hyped yourself up. It is a common practice, one that you can see on an almost daily basis if you watch any kind of sporting event. If you ask me I believe this kind of practice improves performance and reduces anxiety, but that is just based on my anecdotal evidence. We want to be able to evaluate this question with quantifiable data and that is where Mr. Beardsley steps in to lend a hand. Take a look and see for yourself what the research has to say about the affects of self-talk on performance.

3. So You Can't Squat? Do This Instead by Eric Cressey

This one is a guest post by Eric Cressey on Jason Ferruggia's site. Part of it is promoting Eric's new product, but I think the overall theme of the piece and the few ideas offered for alternative means of squatting make it well worth the read.

4. "My Only Wish is to Wish For Nothing" by Jason Ferruggia

Pearl JamPearl Jam's Eddie Veder inspired this awesome introspective piece regarding life, living, and what the true treasures of life are. This one will definitely inspire you to try and be much more consciously satisfied and happy with what you have.


5. Front Squat by Mike Robertson

imagesI wrote a while back about the Front Squat and how to perform this movement here, but Mike Robertson completely destroys that post with this epic-over-9,000-word post all about the Front Squat, how to perform it, how to coach it, and common faults. If you Front Squat regularly in your programming this is a must read.


Oh and by the way Eric Cressey just released his kickass new resource that will teach you how to go about performing self-assessments on yourself as well as choose the program that is going to best fit you based on the templates they use at Cressey Performance. It is a awesome resource and like anything else Eric Cressey puts out it way over delivers. I highly recommend it! The resource is called The High Performance Handbook.

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