UnknownI am writing this on Tuesday evening so as your reading this I am probably just finishing up my overnight shift at the hospital and getting ready to head to bed for a couple hours before my first class at 10am. So I guess I'll go ahead and preemptively tell you I hope your Wednesday starts off on a great note. As for right now, Kelsey and I just returned from literally the first movie we have went to in probably 3 or 4 months. We went to see Alfonso Cuaron's new kickass film Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

I had been debating whether I wanted to see the film since I saw the preview in theaters during the last film we saw. It really was enticing because it really got you wondering how good a movie about someone floating through space could be, but on the other hand Alfonso Cuaron has had such a great track record I couldn't help but be intrigued. I mean come on have you seen Children of Men or the Prisoner of Azkaban?

Then after reading this post from Tony G. yesterday and his review of the movie the deal was sealed.

I was completely blown away by the quality of this movie. I can't say Kelsey's felt the same about the film, but hey thats the beauty of artistic mediums, everyone gets to experience it in their own personal way.

Most impressing to me was the Camera work and the background the movie was shot against. You feel like you are in space and you can feel the since of panic and lack of control the character is experiencing while drifting in space.

Too the story line wasn't half bad and surprisingly they did an awesome job of developing Sandra Bullock's character with such little background and time. I highly recommend making a visit to your local box office to see the movie as soon as possible. In case you haven't heard about this movie check out the trailer below.


On a health and fitness related note I want to share a huge recent accomplishment of one of my female clients. I was having her perform DB Goblet Squats with a 4x5 routine and had her finish with a fifth set of eight reps using the weight she used for 5 on her fourth set. She really didn't even believe that she could use the weight for 5 reps let alone 8 reps, but I asked her to trust my judgement and try it. Low and behold she knocked it out of the park! She probably had two more reps in her, but getting the 8 was more than incredible.

This feat really got me thinking that people all to often place limits on themselves that are unfounded and really carry little support other than their belief in them. It made me wonder what people could accomplish if they simply did away with their perconcieved limitations and just went for it. Just a thought. Below is the video my client knocking out her 8 rep set with a 70lb dumbbell! Give it up for her!


(I know I know! Everyone hates vertical videos, but I am working on it)

Well, that is all for my happenings now let me get on to sharing with you some reading material to occupy your time during those mid=day lulls at the office.

1. Ipsilateral versus Contralateral: What Arm and Leg Combination to Use by Dean Somerset

UnknownI really, really enjoyed this post, because it addresses a question that I am sure many trainers including myself get asked which is "why this foot forward." I am sure I have never explained the answer quite as well as Mr. Somerset has so definitely take a read. It may be a bit more technical for some than others, but Dean does a great job of breaking it down and connecting the dots.

2.Good Stress, Bad Stress: Finding Your Sweet Spot by Krista Scott-Dixon and Brian St. Pierre

images4Stress is stress is stress. Our body doesn't differentiate between stressors it just reacts to them. Stress isn't all bad and as recent research has shows the negative side effects of stress have less to do with the actual stress itself and more to do with how we interpret and experience that stress, simply put our mindset toward stress. In addition their is certain stress that can be beneficial to the body and some that can be detrimental the key is finding the perfect amount and type. This is wonderfully written article talking about how exactly to go about finding that stress sweet spot.

3. Hacking Sleep: Engineering a High Quality, Restful Night by Brian St. Pierre

Lets face it we all suck at getting enough sleep. I mean with shows like Sons of Anarchy and The Blacklist on how can you find time to sleep? In all seriousness sleep could potentially be the most beneficial things we do for our health each day so it is vitally important that we make each hour count.

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