imagesI have been quite absent from the blogosphere recently, but not without good cause. Actually really there isn't a good cause I have just been filling my free time with other not so productive activities. These have included playing the new Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed, watching Dexter on Netflix, and reading books on change psychology.

Just like you can't have good without bad you have to balance being unproductive with moments of productivity. In the past couple weeks I have catching up on studying as we near the end of the semester, working on a new nutritional coaching program, and experimenting with "flow". Actually as I write this I am sitting at Panera working on a study guide for my third Biochemistry test tomorrow morning and to take a break from all the chemical reactions and structures I thought I would share some great reading withimages you.

On a more relevant note to you I'd like to let you know that I am looking for two new online training clients and if you are interested in I'd love to hear from you. Simply go here and fill out the application at the bottom of the page to apply for a free consultation with me. For online services I offer a great rate and a guarantee on all my services.

Now for that reading material I promised to share with you.

1. Lift Big by Bracing, Not Arching by Tony Gentilcore

This is a pretty controversial argument currently in the lifting scene and with a lot of top figures in the industry taking sides it is only getting much more mainstream. Tony Gentilcore does a great job here taking us through the different sides of the argument and which is more appropriate for most people.

2. Close the (Thigh) Gap by Jen Sinkler

For any ladies out there, especially those of you who have struggled with body issues this is a must read. Enough said there.

3. What Methods Help Improve Recovery? by Chris Beardsley

Training adaptations do not occur while training, but while recovering. This means if we want to optimize training adaptations we need to optimize recovery using as many methods as possible. Chris Beardsley does a great job of geeking out on the topic of recovery and going to the literature to see what evidence is behind different modalities.

4. There Are Many Ways to Skin a Cat: Squat and Deadlift Variations by Bret Contreras

I think a recent trend in the fitness world has been to assume that all people should be able to perform a particular lift with a certain form and if you cannot perform the exercise with this form you have some sort of dysfunction that needs corrected. But what I think we have forgotten is that different people have different anatomy resulting in different expressions of movement. This is something that Bret Contreras talks a bit out in this article as well as explaining several different variations for the squat and deadlift.

5. The Importance of Locking Out with the Glutes: Gluteal and Pelvic Biomechanics by Bret Contreras

Just some more of Bret Contreras getting geeky about glutes and biomechanics.


6. Three Completely Obvious (and Free) Aspects of Fat-Loss You're Blatantly Ignoring by John Romaniello

Here is a great post full of actionable knowledge that I think many people are completely overlooking in their pursuit for a better body. Stop getting caught up in the minutia.

7. 6 Common Turkish Get-Up Technique Mistakes by Greg Robins

Turkish-Get-Up-7-by-InvictusHaving difficulties performing the turkish get-up? These corrections may help you out tremendously.

8. Take Ownership of Your Life by Greg Robins

If you need some inspiration or motivation to exit a self pity party this will definitely fulfill the need.

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