joey-thanksgiving-meme-generator-thanksgiving-come-at-me-bro-816e60What's up peoples! Hope everyone's pre-thanksgiving festivities are going well! Please if you are planning on deep frying a turkey do it outside and keep a fire extinguisher close at hand. Now that we have the thanksgiving-turkey-cooking-safety talk out of the way and I have done my part in preventing house fires (your welcome!) I'd like to share a bit of information with you.

First off I am on break from school and when we return will only have one more week left of school and this is good news for the both of us because it means I get more time to do what I love which is helping others achieve better health and you will get more regular blog post to read. Woo hoo win win!

Also I had blood work done last friday while I was at the doctor's office for my yearly check up and I got a copy of the results today. Everything looked great except for elevated triglycerides, which was extremely strange because everything else on my lipid panel was in great shape. Any who me and my doc came up with a great plan for trying to lower the triglycerides which involves increasing my daily dose of fish oil, supplementing garlic daily, and restructuring my carbohydrate intake. I think the plan will work really well and I am excited to see what the numbers say in 3 to 6 months.

On the same note my cholesterol level was bangin and my cholesterol particle size was great, which if you haven't heard is a much better indicator of risk for heart disease than the older standard measure of total cholesterol or ratio of HDL to LDL.


The reason why I share this information regarding my cholesterol is because I am someone who probably eats anywhere from two to seven eggs on a daily basis and forever I have received a non stop flow of comments regarding my egg intake. People kept swearing to me that I was going to give myself a heart attack before the age of 50, but I just kept assuring them that there exists no evidential support for a connection between dietary cholesterol and blood serum cholesterol. So here is a big fat I told you so coming straight from my lab results.


Now that I have that all off my chest how about some reading for your holiday week.

1. So Your Shoulders Are Depressed (So Sad) by Tony Gentilcore

I love it when Tony Gentilcore or Eric Cressey talk about shoulders because you can bet they know what their talking about considering they take care of multi million dollar shoulders on a daily basis.

In this piece Mr. Gentilcore breaks down the problems with having overly depressed shoulders and how one might go about fixing such an issue. If you have an athletic break ground chances are you can gain a lot from this article.

2. Cueing Lat Activation For a Deadlift, or Pretty Much Anything That Needs Lats by Dean Somerset

imagesEffective cueing is a huge part of being able to teach someone how to perform a new lift and there might not be a harder exercise to cue than one that involves hinging at the hips (i.e. the deadlift). But Mr. Smarty Pants Dean Somerset has got us covered.

The cool part about this piece is it discusses an often neglected part of the deadlift, activating the lats and setting the shoulders. This can be a difficult concept for people to grasp right out of the gate so having a few great techniques to introduce the idea without all the other nuances of the deadlift can make it much easier to teach. Check it out!

3. Thanksgiving Day: How To Make Yours Fit and Fabulous by Molly Galbraith

The girls at Girls Gone Strong are awesome! They truly understand the power of heavy lifting, intuitive eating, and loving the body you have. It is awesome that these strong female role models are spreading the good word to women who are seeking something different from their bodies. It seemed like for a long time that role was void and to see it finally filled is awesome.

In this piece the fantastic Molly Galbraith gives us some awesome strategies for making thanksgiving everything it ought to be and still allowing you to stay the course with your fitness journey.

4. Hip Thrust Variations by Greg Robins 

As a science nerd I believe in the power of observations and the knowledge gained from images2reflecting on those observations. In this article Greg Robins shares some of his insights and thoughts about hip thrusting and offers some great advice about using the lift in your own training. If you suffer from Pancake Butt Syndrome (made it up on the spot) you definitely want to read everything you can get your hands on regarding the hip thrust.

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