Well long time no see everyone! I have been pretty crappy about posting on the regular recently, but come on cut me a break I had finals to study for and overnight shifts to suffer through. Oh and there might have been the occasional Call of Duty vegging out session, but lets not argue over where the blame lies lets just be happy I am back (; D)! Some big developments have been taking place in my universe and before getting to the juicy stuff I want to share some of them with you.

IMG_05921. I recently launched my in-person small group training gym, Revolution Strength and Conditioning. This is a venture I partnered up with my good friend and fellow superhuman developer Dane Parker to run. We are a small warehouse based gym offering small-group training with personalized programming located in Joplin, MO.

We started this operation with the sole purpose of providing frustrated individuals who have been repeatedly failed by the current fitness model with answers as to how to achieve their goal whether it be to lose the post-pregnancy weight or get up and down the stairs without pain.

I highly recommend checking us out if you are in the Joplin Metropolitan area or if you know someone who maybe in the area looking for such services. I promise you will have never experienced a gym like Revolution Strength and Conditioning and will not find such services offered at such a great value anywhere else in the area.

Revoluation S&C

Plus we offer a complete 100% money back guarantee on all our services after the first month. It is completely risk free!


Okay enough shameless plugging.

2. My dog is the cutest damn dog in the entire world. He is also a pain in the ass, but his cuteness out weights his pain-in-the-assness. Sorry I don't care if you don't care about my morkie I am going to make you look at cute pictures of him anyways (seriously what kind of person doesn't like cute dog photos?).


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3. I recently hit a new PR on my deadlift at 465 lbs. I have been chasing the elusive 500 lb pull for a little over 18 months now and I am slowly closing back in on it after taking some time to work on my technique. Please save any "wow that's weak bro" comments for the forums on T-Nation I don't need any of that negativity around here Bro. Oh and yes I do lift (and train people in real life)! Check out the video below (the final pull is my PR).


4. This past weekend the lady and I took a trip to visit the soon-to-be in-laws in Kansas City and while their I got to make the trip to North Kansas City to train with my fellow garage ninja, kickass coach, and creator of Dadlife Strength Mr. Courtney David Roth.

If you haven't heard of Mr. Roth then your missing out. He is one cool dude with a great message to share with all those Dad's out their looking to be fit, kick life's ass, and raise their children. I recommend following him on twitter and checking out his soon to launch membership website dadlifestrength.com. Plus if you are local and live in the Kansas City area also check out retaining him for the purpose of whipping your booty in to shape through his services offered at kchomefitness.com.

5. This last one is really just a recent rant I have given to a number of unsuspecting individuals who probably stopped listening after about 10 minutes in, but I feel it is worth sharing with any one willing to listen (read I don't care if you want to listen or not I am sharing anyways cause you need to hear it).

Stop running after constant comfort! I understand that it is wonderful that we live in a world and society that affords us the ability to exist in spaces neatly kept at 70 degrees year round. I understand that it is fantastic that we have technology that allows us to interact with our biggest fans and ignore our biggest criticizers. I understand that it is so awesome that we have foods that can be cooked and prepared at a moment's notice. I understand the beauty of being able to automate and outsource just about every part of our lives today. I understand how great it is that all this offers us unflinchingly consistent comfortability from the time we roll out of bed till we lay our heads back down for sleep.

But come on people! Enough is enough! This constant state of comfort is ruining our most important ability, our adaptability to new environments, situations, and people. It does a human good to get out of their comfort zone, both intellectually and physically. Try braving the winter cold or exercising in the summer heat. Maybe read a book that is directly in contradiction to your long held beliefs. Perhaps question something that your mother and father relentlessly drilled in to your head. Trying cooking meal from scratch. Taking the time to do it right and enjoy the experience of creation.

The point is get uncomfortable! Get uncomfortable as often as possible. Welcome it, embrace it, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. I personally think it would do us all a little good to seek out some uncomfortableness in all areas of our lives.

On a more specific and related note. I know most are uncomfortable with a gym that doesn't provide selectorized machines, central heating and air, a towel service, and locker room. But I promise you that none of these things are necessary components to a gym in order to get you results or achieve your goals. I mean come on the current model of fitness in this country is about as dysfunction as healthcare.gov (Sorry to all you Obama lovers out there, actually I am not sorry about that one. You reap what you sew).

Yes it maybe uncomfortable stepping out of your comfort zone of world's and gold's gyms, but I'll be willing to bet you excel more at a gym that is more focused on your results then the amenities it can provide you with.

Stop turning and running when met with discomfort. Instead face it and adapt to it. Just like we were built to do.

Okay enough ranting, dog photos, and over sharing. Now for that juicy information that I promised you earlier.

1. 3 Considerations for the Aging Athlete by Eric Cressey

imagesI am only 20 going on 21 so I am not the best one to speak on the aging process or how to train to minimize the effects of aging so I will referred to the older more experienced lifters for such information.

And here is a great piece from strength coach and powerlifter Greg Robins. In this he proposes three great ways to deal with aging while still maintaining your athletic prowess.

2. Last Minute Christmas Shopping List by Dean Somerset

UnknownIf you have a fitness-junkie in your life or are a fitness-junkier yourself this list could come in quite handy during the next couple weeks when finishing up that last minute christmas shopping or when asked for possible christmas gift ideas. Needless to say I will definitely be dropping some hints Kelsey's way for gifts off this list.

3. Hand Care for Calluses by Jen Sinkler

ripped-callus1Not only is Jen Sinkler strong, pretty, and smart she also produces great content on a regular basis and here she goes again. This is probably information that only an avid fitness lover would find helpful, but hey this is a fitness website it can't be all puppy dogs and angry ranting (Or maybe it can be? I'd read a blog like that!).

Anyways take a look and see how you can take care of those rough and nasty callused hands properly.

Until next time, which I promise won't be another month again!

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