wednesdayHows everyone doing! It's my favorite day of the week because as you all know today is. . . But I won't say it for fear of you picking up your electronic and throwing it across the room because your tired of hearing about how wednesday is everyone's HUMP DAY!!!!

Whoops I guess I couldn't help myself! =D

Okay okay I will stop messing around I know this health and fitness stuff is serious business.

Two weeks ago I featured an exercise of the week that was a bit different than what I have shared in the past. You might want to check this post out as reference for what is going to follow.

The exercise was related to "flow", but a more structured version that linked traditional movements together in one seamless movement with multiple transitions and incorporating a change in level.

I shared with you my thoughts about how this kind of warm-up is the next logical step in the progression of warming up once someone has dealt with a lot of their problem areas and can just focus on a more generalist warm-up that prepares one for movement. In addition I still feel as I did two weeks ago that this type of warm-up is much more efficient sense you are killing two birds with one stone: mobilizing and raising body temperature.

I also shared how I happened across this idea for warming-up and how I was inspired by the work of Ido Portal and Dewey Nielsen.

I spent several months experimenting with this concept and working on developing a few different flow drills that until now I wasn't quite ready to share on the interwebz.

But I just feel that this type of warm-up offers to much benefit to those people who have mastered the traditional warm-up and are ready to step it up a notch. So I am going to share another one of the drills I developed that links three traditional warm-up movements into one drill that forces you to change your level and move between positions smoothly.

Basically it shows you how to be a superhuman badass. Seriously take my word for it ;D.

Oh I also felt it appropriate to share because when I got on my Facebook feed this morning I saw that one of my favorite trainers, Mr. Gentilcore, shared his own flow drill so I figure why not join in on the party!

Disclaimer: I don't recommend doing this type of warm-up in the small 20 ft by 20 ft piece of real estate most commercial gyms give to members for such shenanigans as "warming-up".

But rather find your self a big open area that gives you plenty of room for "activities."

Guy Rule #287: If you have a chance to make a reference to Step Brothers you make said reference.

How To Perform The Flow Mobility Drill Supine to Supine

1. Umm like I said last time it would probably take me to long to explain the whole motion out in words so I will just let the video take care of that. But the three exercises that I used to create this drill are the supine bridge with overhead reach, spiderman mt. climber, and a bodyweight squat.

Happy moving!

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