TPM-CGYodaHey oh! Start of a new week and for me it is the first day of the spring semester. Too tell you the truth I am a bit more excited about the former than the later, but looking at the glass as half full I am over half way done with getting my degrees which means one step closer to graduate school hopefully. But enough about me and more about making the most out of this week ahead of you. And don't give me any of that "I will try" bullshit because in the words of the wise Yoda, "No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try."

Before getting to the all of this awesome health and fitness information I have got for you this week I wanted to take a minute to recommend a movie to checkout one evening this week.

Chances are if you haven't been living under a rock for the past couple years then you have no doubt heard the story of Michael Murphy. If you haven't though it is a story worth hearing. Initially it was written in a novel titled Lone Survivor, but this past weekend the story was released in film under the same title.nt_mmurphy_500_070619

I saw it with my lady early Friday afternoon and was completely blown away. It's an incredible portrayal of the courageous, heroic, and selfless acts of a number of men all in the interest in protecting the American way of life.

It truly makes you stop and think about how great we have it on a daily basis and how thankful we should be for the people who voluntarily stand on freedom's ramparts to defend our lifestyles.

Seriously, either watch the movie or read the book. I don't care which, but do one of them and if the story doesn't make you want to make the most out of this week I don't know what will honestly.

Okay now that I have you pumped up with patriotism how about we talk about these three kickass articles I am sharing with you today.

1. Rear Elevated Split Squats Made for Everyone by Rich Thaw

leadImageShit I hate Rear Elevated Split Squats so f@#$ing much it is not even funny. But I know they are good for me so I remember to write them into the program at least twice a month (still doesn't mean I like them).

One thing however I always struggle with when trying to perform them is finding the right set-up for the exercise that doesn't feel awkward or like I am going to break my elevated foot off on the way up.

So just like a superhero showing up in the nick of time to save the world from utter and complete destruction (as if my problem with rear foot elevated split squats compares) here is a great piece coming from Mr. Thaw discussing how to set-up and perform split squats so that everyone can do them.

2. Why You Should Abandon Your Initial New Year Resolution (And What To Do Instead) by Nia Shanks

I have already shared how I feel about New Year Resolutionists in regards to the gym earlier this month on my Facebook page so I will just share the post with you below.