martin-luther-king-jr-day-L-xGOagM1Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! It seems only proper to say a few words about the man with a dream. A man with a unique gift who was able to rally a community of beaten down individuals to rise and demand better treatment for themselves and future generations

It still is amazing and to some existent still hard to believe that someone could have the courage to face such long standing persecution and a segment of angry people who wished him and his movement nothing but harm with nothing more than scripture.

And it is a testament to what he was able to accomplish for his race that my kids will grow up in an America that has had an African-American President.

Martin Luther King Jr. is a man worth admiring and remembering. Enough said.

Now how about those football games this past weekend? Pretty exciting if I don't say so myself. I mean how about that last Seahawk's defensive play?

Although I had predicted several times that the Patriots would beat the Broncos with a last minute 4th quarter drive by Tom Brady, which would have been so suhweeet!

But despite the Patriots losing the match up between the Broncos and Seahawks should definitely be one that goes down in NFL history. You have one of the most prolific quarterbacks and best passing offenses to date in NFL history going up against undoubtly one the best defensive backfields  we have seen in quite some time.

Which brings me to something that I want to address about last nights game involving the actions of one Richard Sherman.

If you haven't heard or didn't watch the game last night then let me fill you in. Richard Sherman was the cornerback who made the play that resulted in the 49er's interception and subsequently ending the game. But it isn't the play in question that has ruffled so many people's feathers, but rather his actions during the post game comments in which he said the following:

“I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you gonna get. Don’t you ever talk about me. [...] Don’t you open your mouth about the best or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick.” -Richard Sherman

and which were preceded by him making a choking gesture towards 49er's quarterback Colin Kaepernick while running on the field.

Immediately following these actions Facebook and Twitter began exploding with racist comments, convicting statements, and condemning thoughts about Sherman's behavior.

Now while we could argue all day about whether Sherman was actually right for losing his temper and acting in such a way that is not what I want to address. Richard Sherman is a grown man and he can live with the consequences of his actions, but what I do what to keep-calm-and-don-t-judge-meaddress is the sideline commentators that feel it is their place to pass judgement on his character and his actions.

I feel that these statements made about Richard Sherman are completely out of line for two reasons.

1. I don't believe it is anybody's job to pass judgement on another person's actions. As a Christian that is a role that I believe God alone plays. It is not up to me or anyone else to condemn another person's behavior although we have the free will to agree and disagree with the behavior personally.

2. I don't quite think that anybody was truly watching the events that transpired prior to Sherman losing his temper. Following the play Sherman made on the ball and resulting interception Sherman immediately ran down the end zone to tell Michael Crabtree, 49er's wide receive who was intended receiver of the pass, good game. Sherman slapped Michael Crabtree on the butt and stuck out his hand which I could only guess at the time was also accompanied by the words "good game". I guess this because I also played sports and this is a common practice among adversaries who respect one another.

Following Sherman's offering good sportsmanship Michael Crabtree proceeded to putt his hand on Sherman's face mask and push him away. Obviously Crabtree was upset about losing and it is understandable for him to be a bit sour about losing game, but it is no reason not to return an offering of respect with an offering of disrespect.

It was this disrespect that caused Sherman to lose his temper and behave the way he did. I can understand that Sherman was pumped up about the win and coupled with his anger how he might act the way he did.

Although I personally disagree with it I don't condemn him or label him as a troubled character. It isn't my place and in my opinion we should all cut each other a break at times because all make mistakes and do things we wish we could take back.

I think many of the people who are judging Sherman are doing so unfairly and are making the commonly made Fundamental Error of Attribution.

If you interested in hearing Mr. Sherman's side of the story check this out. ->

Okay enough of be boring you with my opinions on football and the happenings of yesterday.

Let's talk about some great fitness reading for this week!

1. Extension Based Back Pain is a B****. And What To Do About It by Tony Gentilcore

200177292-001Back Pain is always a hot topic in the fitness industry, especially among professionals. It is typically one of the more common musculoskeletal pathologies that exercise can help with depending on the pain's etiology. Most of this back pain that we encountered is usually contributed to excessive flexing of the spine or a heavy load placed on the spine while in a flexed position.

But what doesn't get much of the spotlight when taking about chronic or acute back pain is pain that is due to excessive extension of the spine. Which is much more common among athletes and similar populations.

Here Mr. Gentilcore lays out some great ways for dealing with and improving extension based back pain.

2. Just Brew It by Neghar Fonooni

A_small_cup_of_coffeeOkay! Okay! I admit I am sharing this one with a bit of bias. I love coffee and consider myself a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to this magical elixir so of course I love anybody who is willing to stand with me to defend it's consumption.

But what I especially like about this In-Defense-of-Coffee piece is the way in which Neghar goes about justifying its consumption. You see most of the time when you read about why you should drink something it is the same old numbered list of health benefits or most recent published study citing how good it is for your health.

And while Neghar acknowledges these reasons she places greater importance on the fact that you may just love a great fucking cup of coffee and because you don't abuse it you can have yourself a cup when you desire.

I mean imagine that! You like something and you don't abuse it so you can have it. Who would have thought? But really it is a line of logic so many of us overlook.

3. Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better: Installment 52 by Greg Robins

Is there anything better than great applicable knowledge for making your deadlift that much better? Nope! Check them out.

P.S. I took the misses on Friday to see Frozen the movie and while animated films aren't really my thing I'd have to say that if you have kids, especially those with siblings I'd recommend taking them to see it. Great flick with a good message.

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