Nothing new hereI wish I had more to report to you today, but sadly my weekend wasn't all that exciting. It was spent mostly at the ER working and in bed sleeping. I did however fit in two training sessions that while not all that great did help undo some of the damage done by spending 10 hours each day looking at a computer.

I also made church on Sunday and got to hear a great sermon that talked about how most of us who feel their financial lives are out of control have created this feeling ourselves out of our drive for excess. Needless to say I found myself laughing and agreeing with a lot of the points my pastor made.

Well thats about all I got for today on my end.

How about some great reading material to kick off your week?

1. A Simple Way to Increase the Total Number of Push-Ups and Chin-Ups You Can Perform by Tony Gentilcore

I personally took away a lot from this post as someone who as been stuck on 10 continuance reps of pull-ups at a time for the past several years it seems like. I hope I am not the only one who has experienced such frustrations with their pull-ups.

The great part about the strategy presented with in is the simplicity of it. It isn't some complicated and convoluted plan involving undulating periodization and a specific rep tempo. It is an easy to implement plan that takes little preparation or knowledge to put in to place.

If you want to do more push-ups and/or pull-ups I recommend you check it out.

2. Do Carbohydrates Make You Fat by Eirik Garnas

Who doesn't love reading more about carbohydrates?

It is a pretty hot topic in the fitness industry and every one has an opinion some more well founded than others. I am frankly kind of sick of the back and forth between the two camps, but I really felt like this article was well written and researched. It present information in an unbiased and evidenced based manner.

I promise it is worth your time reading.

3. Numbers Don't Define You by Nia Shanks

scale-picI am so excited about the female fitness revolution that is taking place across the country. It is being led by some awesome women who are both strong, fit, and girly. They are demonstrating to women every where that healthy women come in all shapes and sizes and that strength is something to aspire to.

I especially love the large push by many of these leaders to encourage women to love themselves for who they are and what they look like right NOW. Not when they lose the weight. Not when they fit into the right dress. But RIGHT NOW!

This is what Nia Shanks talks about in this article. She discusses why the numbers shouldn't be the focus of your life or goals because these numbers don't affect your self worth or who you are as a person.

Happy reading!

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