2043105"What the FUCK!" Umm yeah that was me on Friday afternoon at the coffee shop while doing my physics test and watching the first episode of House of Cards season two on Netflix.

I finally finished binge watching season two yesterday evening, so I am taking a break between ending that binge and continuing my binge of Bones to share this week's list of stuff to read.

If you haven't heard of House of Cards I want to give you two pieces of advice: (1) get out of that rock your living under every once and a while and (2) get a subscription to Netflix so you can binge watch the first two seasons.

It took me most of my free time during the weekend to get through the second season and I won't spoil anything for you, but Frank Underwood is one of the most ruthless and calculating characters I have ever seen. Kevin Spacey will blow you away with his acting.

On a more health related note my back injury is improving. I have come to a second hypothesis about the mechanism of the injury involving a rotational bias of my hips that was created by deadlifting with a mixed grip heavy to frequently. This rotational bias I believe caused my weight to shift into my left hip as I was hinging resulting in a rotation of my left hip inward and my right hip outward as I pulled through the concentric phase. I also believe that not only did I possibly herniate a disc I may have injured my SI joint.

I used several pain provocation tests for the SI joint along with a straight leg raise and extension-flexion intolerant testing to establish my theory of a herniated disc and si joint dysfunction.

I have been doing physical therapy exercises for both SI joint pain and disc herniations since thursday and I can tell that my back is improving and just about all my referred pain from my left gluteus maximus has since resolved.Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 11.41.22 PM

While I hate not being able to bilaterally squat and deadlift I am looking at this experience as an opportunity to learn a lot about non surgical treatments for back pain and modalities for helping improve pain. Hopefully this knowledge will come in hand when working with clients struggling with back pain.

Despite this injury I have continued to train and am still making great progress. My upper body is treating stronger and I am seeing some signs of hypertrophy. My lower body training has been challenging due to limited exercise selection, but it has forced be to concentrate on quality of movement and repetition tempo when performing each exercise.

I also have decided to give a couple of these gymnastics holds a run such as the planche and front lever. I mean might as well find another skill to focus my energy on and distract me from deadlifting. I have to say my efforts so far have been far short of spectacular, but I am working on compiling a list of progressions to use for both holds and hopefully I'll have something good to show from the efforts soon.

Alright enough about me let's talk about your reading material for the week.

1. A Weekly Example of How I Currently Eat, Work Out, and Why I Do It This Way by Nia Shanks

I love when Fitness Professionals open up their world a little bit and let us in because I think we all wonder what a day or week in their lives would be like especially their eating and training habits.

Nia Shanks opens the cover to her training log and nutrition habits for a week. I really enjoyed how Nia openly explains how she is currently engrossed in other projects that she is prioritizing a bit higher on her time allotment list than training so she is programming in a minimalist way. It shows that it is okay to have other things going on in life and it is possible to still make time for training, productive training at that.

I would recommend also taking a look at some of Nia Shanks meals. If there are two things that stand out big time for me in the way she eats is that she allows her food selection to fall within her personal preferences and she eats very high quality food. Both of these are the foundation of finding proper life long nutrition in my opinion.

Take a look.

2. Two Components to Successful Deadlifting by Tony Gentilcore

Shit I am so frustrated that my deadlifting career is currently on hold while I take care of my previously mentioned back pain. I mean c'mon! What is that? But regardless of whether or not I can deadlift right now it doesn't mean that I can't keep honing my deadlifting skills through visualization and learning. I plan to come back from my injury an even more effective and efficient puller than before.

And who else to learn from when it comes to deadlifting than Mr. Gentilcore himself? Here it outlines two big components for having a kickass deadlift and looking Simplecool as hell when you lock out that new PR in the gym later this week.

3. The Secret Fitness by Neghar Fonooni

One of my biggest pet peeves with the fitness industry is the amount of conflicting information that makes people perceive being healthy as some sort of complex, convoluted, and intricate formula. But the truth is that it is actually the exact opposite. Being healthy is simple. It takes very little studying or researching. But for some reason we have decided it makes more since to try and fight over which way is better than help people find THEIR way.

As I mentioned previously I love it when fitness professionals give a bit of insight into their own healthy lifestyles and how they go about cultivating a daily routine that centers around optimizing health and maximizing their bodies longevity. Often times these fitness professionals surprises their followers because their approach is so freaking simple yet it yields such awesome results.

Here we get to learn Mrs. Romaniello's secrets to great fitness.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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