broncos-sb-meme1Hey, hey, hey! It's the sixth week of 2014 and well on the way to be another great year. I hope everyone's weekend was great. Mine wasn't anything fantastic, but it was better than the weekend before. I got to celebrate a family member's birthday, wrote a crap ton of programs for clients, and watched the Denver Broncos shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly while the Seattle Seahawks took full advantage of every self inflicted wound.

Seriously though did you see the game? If you were a Seahawks fan it was probably the best Super Bowl you'll ever watch, but if you are just a fan of football it was actually a horribly uncompetitive and lopsided game.

But now the season is over and its time to focus on gearing up for 2015. I am pretty excited myself as my St. Louis Rams will be getting Sam Bradford back along with a really young talented group of players. Plus we have two first round draft picks again this year so hopefully we will be adding to this young and talented pool of players.

Anyway enough about my delusions of the Rams winning the Super Bowl next year (shut up! Its going to happen!). Let's talk about some great reading for you this week to help you push on with your 2014 fitness goals, but really quick I wanted to share with you a post I put on my Facebook page last night that expressed my feelings about elitism in fitness. Check it out below.