2068834Hola amigos! Been awhile since my last post, but I decided to take all of last week of from writing because there was just to much on my plate with school, moving residences, and working that trying to get out three blog post just wasn't going happen.

But thank goodness now the move is over, the new house is set-up, and we can get back to a since of normalcy around the homestead again.

Did anyone watch The Oscars last night?

Sadly that wasn't a part of my evening (catch the tone of sarcasm). I don't mean to hate on The Oscars or anyone who enjoys awards shows it just something I haven't every really gotten into. I do like the Grammy's because of all the performances, but other than that I just don't really care to much what a panel of judges thinks of movies.

I did however get a chance this past weekend to try out two new recipes from the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook. The first was chicken pesto pizza and the second was cauliflower mash. Both were delicious and really offer much healthier, yet tasty and satisfying alternatives to the standard version of pizza and mashed potatoes.

If you need help with cooking or developing recipes I would highly recommend picking up a copy of this cookbook from the good people at Precision Nutrition.

Other than that the weekend was pretty mundane besides the fact that the weekend has extended out into Monday this weekend due to this "polar vortex" all the weathermen are talking about. I plan to use the extra day to get caught up on projects, work on biochemistry homework, and fit in a training session.

But before I move on to accomplishing all that I wanted to get you all this week's reading material to keep you busy at work.

1. Addicted to Fatigue by Jim Kielbaso

I really really love articles that talk about this idea of addiction to fatigue because I think it is something that is largely overlooked by most professionals. It seems to be that the quality of trainer or coach is judged by people by how difficulty and tiring their workouts or training sessions are. When in fact this is actually a very poor marker of how good a coach or trainer is.

I think we can see this phenomenon playing out a ton with the bat shit crazy obsession people have with Crossfit. They believe that because they feel out of breath and close to their limits that they must be doing something productive which in some cases may be the case and in others it might not be.

My advice stop chasing fatigue and start chasing improved performance.

2. Bus Bench vs. Park Bench Workouts by Tony Gentilcore

I read Dan John's book intervention a while ago and I had kind of forgot about this concept, but Mr. Gentilcore did an awesome job of brining it back to the forefront of my mind. This is a great compliment to the article above because it kind of gives you a way of making sure that you aren't chasing fatigue on a regular basis.

Read on.

3. The "Problem" with Kettlebells by John Romaniello

I love it when people address misconceptions with a bit of attitude, sarcasm, and honesty. That is exactly what Mr. Romaniello does with this great post over kettle bells and how they can be used effectively and ineffectively.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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