yeah-i-did-it--thumbWell I finally hit the big time! Okay maybe not yet, but I did accomplish a huge goal of mine today. Which was to get published on the Personal Trainer Development Center. I submitted this article a while back and have been waiting to see if it was going to get published for a few weeks now and low and behold when I got up this morning I had a message from Jon Goodman himself letting me know that my article had indeed been published today.

Needless to say I am super excited! And am feeling a new surge of motivation to continue with my writing. I even have a second guest contribution submission I am working on for the PTDC which will hopefully get accepted as well.

Anyways below is a short excerpt from the article along with a link to keep reading if you would like too. And if you enjoy the post I would appreciate you passing it around your social media networks.

"I‘m reminded of a story where an elephant traveling along a path is being “guided” by a rider.

The rider is a symbol for a person’s conscious and/or rationale mind, the part of us that understands why eating McDonald’s seven times a week isn’t in the best interest of our health.

The elephant is a symbol for our unconscious and/or emotional mind, the part of us that would rather eat ice cream for dinner instead of cooking up those chicken breast in the freezer.

The path is an analogy for our own daily environment.

It’s a brilliant metaphor and even better way of imagining the process of change."

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Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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