Pre-birthday cake destruction.Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was filled with writing a formal lab report about purifying Lactate Dehydrogenase from beef heart, studying for a physics exam, training my superhuman clients, eating quite a bit of red velvet cake, crushing a lower body training session, pigging out on Mongolian BBQ, learning about T-test in statistics, and playing some video games. Needless to say it was an epic weekend. The only thing missing was a lord of the rings marathon on TNT.

And yeah none of these activities really relate, but that is the way life is for me right now. It's kind of like changing wardrobes several times a day between biochemistry student, trainer, boyfriend, and gaming enthusiast. But I am sure that all of you can relate to that feeling as well. We all have multiple roles we have to fill just sometimes the roles are more demanding than what we would like them to be.

And at this time for me the role that seems to be consuming my life is as a student. It's fair to same that the photo below describes how I have felt the past couple weeks.

Bkdc8RJIcAAfS8EAny who the birthday party was for my lovely fiancé and that is where the red velvet cake comes in. I probably don't need to tell you that I enjoyed my fair share of cake, but I will anyways.

It. . .was. . .awesome!

The party and my beast of a formal lab report took up most of my day sunday, but on saturday I did enjoy a great training session and even got in some time playing Diablo III (if you haven't played it I suggest you do).

But enough about me let's talk about some great reading material to start your week off with.

1. Hypopresive Breathing Fundamentals Review by Dean Somerset

This was a great post discussing some of the basics regarding hypopresive breathing which to me was a whole new topic that I had yet to read anything about. It gets a bit geeky on the anatomy and physiology, but raises some interesting questions about how different breathing protocols may be warranted in different situations.

2. Stomp the Yard: A Bodyweight Workout by Jen Sinkler

Nothing but a really great and simple bodyweight workout that anyone could use at home to get in relatively great shape. Try it out I found it to be quite challenging myself.

3. The "X-Factor" When It Comes to Convincing Women to Lift Weights? by Tony Gentilcore

Like always Mr. Gentilcore is leading the charge to get women to start picking up heavy things and putting them back down again. Here is another great piece discussing what exactly is the x-factor that maybe needed to get women lifting.

Sorry about having to keep it short today got to go run and take that physics test I mentioned earlier.

Happy moving and heavy lifting!

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